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Samsung Omnia II & Omnia Pro B7320 Preview Event… Good Effort Samsung.

WinMo Community Invite


Was fortunate enough to get invited to the Samsung Omnia II & Omnia Pro B7320 Preview at Hanjin Center @ Fort Bonifacio in Taguig City.

It was good to see folks from and meet em in person. Was seated beside XB and his wife.

A couple of things… the preview was held at a training room at Samsung’s offices. The event started late and there was no WiFi available. The nice lady from Samsung was apologetic about the WiFi (something about security). They also didn’t have SIM cards so we had to slap in our own and use our own dime to get tweets, pics or youtube vids out on the interwebs… The devices we got were not fully charged but they lasted well past the duration of the presentation (note: most of them we put on flight mode since we didn’t have a lot of SIM cards) They served food & drink (no alcohol, which I don’t mind cause I don’t drink hehe). Would’ve been nice to have a smoking area but discrimination against smokers has been very bad these past years (back on topic…).

Seems to me the Samsung folks needed a bit more forward thinking and prep time. Inviting enthusiasts may assure you of the proper demographic but then again I think we are more critical and vocal of a lot of things… Good effort though :)

I will now split off this blog post into the two devices that we got to fondle…



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