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First Impressions|SAMSUNG OMNIA PRO B7320



After signing in we got to play with the devices. I got the Omnia Pro B7320 (a mouthful, I know). The device is a QWERTY bar Windows Mobile 6.1 Standard device (no touch screen). The specs on this are nothing to write home about. I’d rank it as an entry level device by today’s standards. I think it would do good in a corporate environment since the lack of a touch screen or moving parts and hinges makes the device leaps and bounds more robust over the Professional devices or sliders.


Construction was solid and the device was not too heavy even with the 1480mAH battery. It was good to see that Samsung opted to use microUSB and not their proprietary connecter (get a clue Apple). The device was very responsive and snappy (keep in mind these were fresh ones with just the default Samsung stuff loaded) WM6.5 Standard would be a free upgrade once it was available. I do hope they get their act together in terms of the upgrade. The upgrade from 6.0 to 6.1 for the SGH-i780 was fraked royally. The deal breakers, they went ahead and released a device that didn’t have a 3.5mm audio jack (microUSB sync port doubles as the audio jack… boo!) and the camera though sporting a 3.2 MP resolution was fixed focus (another boo!). The device though having a crisp display was still 320x240… hey it’s 2009 already. WM needs higher resolution for Standard devices!!! This might not be entirely Samsung’s fault (I blame you MS I do!!! hahaha).


Omnia Pro B7320 may suite you if you can look past the lack of the 3.5mm jack, fixed focus camera, and the  dated qVGA resolution.

Free upgrade to WM6.5 is very much welcome and the device looks and feels very well made. If priced properly they will slay with this device!



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