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HTC Touch Pro on MobilitySite

Let this be a lesson to your my fellow gadget fiends [yes we are fiends, admit it!]
That being said if you still want to salivate over HTC's latest top of the line slider... Head on over to mobilitysite's video unboxing and review HERE
I had previously put this device in the 'DO NOT BUY' section of my list... I keep a mental list of devices that can replace my current 6 months into owning it [if it lasts that long that is] well the TyTN2 is well over the 6 month period and I had resigned myself to getting back into the QWERTY bar herd with either A) a palm Treo Pro or B) an hp iPAQ 914c with the Treo Pro inching out on a slim lead because it is just plain sexy! 
That all changed a few minutes ago when I saw the video I linked to above. 
The screen is just... drool worthy and the response time on the Touch Pro is really impressive. My graphics driver less TyTN2 can never achieve that. Here's the catch... The Touch Pro is a  QWERTY slider granted I've owned a total of 3 Windows Mobile Professional QWERTY sliders, dopod 838 [HTC Wizard], HTC TyTN [HTC Hermes] and currently the HTC TyTN 2 [HTC Kaiser] and 1 Windows Mobile Standard QWERTY slider also currently the HTC S730 [HTC Wings]. So sliders will not be new to me... but I'm pretty sure I want to move away from the form factor for a bit. I have no intention of going back to the slab devices like the Compaq iPAQ h3870 [my very 1st WM device], hp iPAQ 2210, i-mate JAM [HTC Magician], or the hp iPAQ rw6828. So that leaves me with QWERTY bar which is also in last place with only the palm Treo 750v [HTC Cheetah] as the sole representative. Here's the thing though palm's Treo Pro [aka Treo 850 or HTC ????? ~ yes HTC makes this one too!] is using the not so standard 320x320 resolution now you've heard me BnM about this in 1 post too many but it is a main concern for a software junkie like me. You see one of the things that I like about WM is the power to customize the device to my needs by adding ANY 3rd party software application that is compatible to said device [hello APPLE... yes your AppStore is crap because you insist on micro managing devs], not to mention the power to cut and paste text [hello again APPLE... yes even PocketPC 2002 had this...] and of course syncing with Outlook makes changing devices easy as 1... 2... 3... we went a bit off the mark there but you get the point... a non-standard res will make installing apps and games a hit or miss [more hits hopefully when/if I get the Treo Pro] sure I lived with a not so standard 240x240 on the Treo 750v for 10 months but I suspect 320x320 will have more issues because it is one of the youngest resolutions to join the WM resolution flock [along with WVGA 800x480]. To date I know of only 3 devices with 320x320, the Samsung SGH-i780, which came out early this year, the palm Treo 800w [a US WCDMA device] which came out last month, and the Treo Pro just getting shipped in other territories. So devs and software makers probably don't have a lot of incentive to make their apps compatible since the demand just isn't there yet. Updating apps and pushing them out will entail cost both for the update and support for it. I guess what I'm saying is Microsoft should really lockdown the resolutions for WM7. 

scrap 176x220
min 240x320 [for wm std/classic/pro]
scrap 320x320
mid 480x640 [for wm classic/pro]
scrap 480x800
max 960x1280 [for wm classic/pro/wince etc etc]

this will ensure that developers and manufacturers will have standards for their devices and app. I know this post started out as a link to the HTC Touch Pro review and I'm sorry if it mutated into this crazy post about resolutions and what not. 


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