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Apple Let's Rock Event in a Nutshell

Apple Let's Rock Event concluded last night... Here's the summary of what's new from Cupertino:
NEW iPod Nano
NEW iPod Touch
NEW iTunes Version
NEW iPod / iPhone Firmware
NEW Accessories
HD TV Shows
NBC Shows
The iPod Nano gets a glass front / aluminum back and a curved finish which makes it look and feel thinner. The nano went on a diet and got taller...
The iPod Touch gets a refresh as well. It gets volume controls, speakers, and Nike+ [with 2.1.1]
The iPhone also gets a FW update, with all the complaints we are hearing about the iPhone it is good that they are constantly pushing out updates.
iTunes 8 is out. It has a new Genius option [also found on the new iPods] which acts as a media suggestion engine [ala]
New Accessories for the above goodies.
Content is not really applicable to the PH which is why I still won't be getting an iPod.
Overall I think fanbois and girls will go crazy over these new iPods... personally I am not that excited. I'm sure people will LOVE the NBC shows and HD content but that doesn't really apply to Philippine users who are still LOCKED OUT from buying media.

The iPod Classic seems like it is getting ready to be put to pasture permanently dropping down to only 1 model the 120Gb.

The iPod Touch got most of the enhancements IMO and is the most tempting of them all.


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