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I got the O2 XDA Exec because I wanted to use Globe's 3G with HSDPA, not suprisingly Globe's 3G sucks! I blogged about it here
Upon getting the hp iPAQ rw6828 it immediately dawned on me that I could use another service provider, the obvious choice of course is SMART, SUN is cheap but is crap [tried it before and ended up giving away my pre-paid SIM].
I got a SMART Buddy Super SIM3 for PhP 150.00 got a PhP 300.00 Voucher [aka Load] downloaded the Connection Settings CABs [SMART MMS and GPRS] extracted from a dopod 900's ExtendedROM, SMSed the activation codes for MMS and GPRS, Installed the CABs, did a Soft Reset... and BAM! I was using 3G... I have a 3G signal almost anywhere I go, I did some speed tests and the results look promising... here they are.
Test Conditions:
Location/s: Moving from my house [near Wilson St.] to Nirai in Greenhills Shopping Center, San Juan, Metro Manila [spotty or no Globe 3G service here]
No other applications using the Internet [i.e. I let NewsBreak and PocketWeather finish updating, made sure they were not active before doing the speed test]
Testing method: [Mobile Speed Test] I chose the 1MB download [Globe had trouble finishing even the 200Kb one].
Test Results:

I used SMART's 3G for about 45 minutes while hanging out at our kiosk today [downloaded some emails 46 I think], checked my MySpace account, checked my order, updated PocketWeather and NewsBreak [RSS Reader], went online with MSN Messenger. I'd say it was very fast and stable unlike Globe's which often disconnects and changes into GPRS mode. Oh by the way I haven't tried Video Calls [don't know anyone on SMART with a 3G handset--although for now it is Free for Local Calls - limited promo] and Streaming which I think is crap... If I want the news I'd watch TV or read from RSS/Newspapers. SMART's 3G for me is great for Mobile Internet though and for now it is really cheap! I've taken this from SMART's website. If you have any sense at all don't use the other services, unless you really need them or want to try them. Because even if they say it is free [the service i.e. Live Cams] the standard streaming fee for 3G applies which is:
Access all the content you want for a Streaming Fee of P15 for every 30 minutes. (30 minutes begins when first streaming occurs. Each content accessed will be charged on top of the streaming fee.)
• Internet Browsing* - P10 for 30 minutes.
*no streaming fee required--
Compare this to Globe's per Kb rate:
3. High-Speed Internet over 3G or HSDPA
Internet browsing via the Globe Mobile Broadband 3G with HSDPA network will be charged the regular GPRS and EDGE browsing rate of P0.15 per kilobyte. Rates will apply from May 31 to
June 29, 2006.
If you want 3G Now! Go with SMART even their pre-paid performs better than Globe's post paid service. What the fuck will you do with 3G-HSDPA if you can't get a signal anyway? SMART is cheaper [atleast for Mobile Internet] and has wider/better coverage.
Advice to Globe try and catch up... don't waste money on advertising... improve your service before advertising it.
For more info on SMART's 3G
For more info on Globe's 3G
Please note I don't work for SMART, I've been using Globe since '97 [and I won't cut my Globe line--for now atleast], I am now using my O2 XDA Executive as my 3G handset [SMART Pre-paid] and my hp iPAQ rw6828 MultiMedia Messenger [Globe Post-paid] , I'm just a geek wanting convergence, YMMV depending on your haunts and devices.


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