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The Beanster™ Blog v3.5

This is the 3rd major change in my blog hence the v3.5
So what's new...?
Cleaned up the SIDEBAR. Navigation can be accomplished via the Quick Links/Drop Down Menus up top.
Added a new section entitled My Galleries this section has 2 pages [for now] and it has images and links to Online photo albums that I would like to feature. Check em out!
Gave up on making my blog IE friendly [the sidebar is always misplaced in IE] it displays great on
So far that's it... Hope you enjoy your visit to my blog... :D

New Pet!

Wow we have a new dog [Lhasa Apso] my shobe's best friend gave it to us... I took a few snaps of it when I got home but my camera's battery went dead before I could take some more. Hmmm one of my sis is alergic to dogs wonder how this will work out... I hope it's potty trained though.
His name is Burger and he is 2 months old.

Holiday Report: Bel's Beach Bash

Click Image for Online Album [700 images]
[Images from Bny's and Camille's camera, Moj's images will be added later]
ACP La Union Trip [aka Bel's Beach Bash]
November 25 - 28, 2005
'Villa Surla', Bauang La Union,Philippines

Day 1: November 25, Friday
Left the office early on Friday [the 25th] and went to Bel's house to meet up with the others for our ACP La Union trip. We had a lite dinner. Then were on our way to LU... Car 1 [callsign: ALPHA]: Moj/Bel, Tiu/Cams, Kaye, Me, and 'Brownie' [the driver] we met up with Car 2 [callsign: OMEGA] Yap/Kim and By/Lea in a Petron Gas Station along NLEX [North Luzon Expressway],we had some coffee, a few cigs and were on our way. We departed from Metro Manila at around 9pm and arrived at Bel's Beach Crib at around 1am.

Day 2: November 26, Saturday
2am: We relaxed for a bit took some photos, checked out our room assignments. Saw something cool! Check it!: So there was a Salagubang on the ground since I like playin…


T-MINUS: 1 HOUR and 59 MINS till we meet up for ACP La Union Trip.
Woot! Woot!
I really need a break this week has been hell for me!

Quick Links

I've decided to add Quick Links up on the Header of my blog... :o) Try em out when you navigate my blog!
[note: Freebies section is still not up but can be accessed via my SIDEBAR]
Fixed up the freebies section now all the quick links are working! :o)

I Love Taiwan!!!

A lot of good things coming out of Taiwan. Sheez almost all my gadgets are from Taiwan. My notebook is MSI, my Pocket PC Phone is an i-mate JAM [HTC Taiwan], my Motorola MPx 220 [Chimei Communications Taiwan], my SD cards are all made in Taiwan!
Even the things I plan to buy in my tech road map will be coming out of the little island [yes I consider Taiwan as part of China].
The next PocketPC Phone I'll probably be getting is the HTC Wizard [aka Qtek 9100, i-mate k-JAM, or dopod 838] now this comes from Taiwan as well.
Saw this article on PocketPC Thoughts a new high capacity and high speed miniSD card at 2GB WOW it's made by TEC the story is here [splashphone]!!!... as you may or may not know most new PocketPCs [including the Wizard] will be coming out with this format. I've accepted the fact that upgrading will also mean switching flash formats so it is not an issue for me.
My only concern though is if the Wizard will be able to capitalize on the attributes of this n…

Über Over Time

Me and my mom just finished up doing something for work... wow this is Über Over Time. I've got a pounding headache and I've to wake up early tomorrow [whooops make that later]. I admire my mom she is very very very dedicated; if I'm 1/3 as dedicated as she is I'm sure I'll go places. We'll see tomorrow if all our hard work will pay off... I really hope it does! May the Force Be With Us!!! I better get some shut eye.

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday
Wes Chan
Jenny Valdes
May The Force Be With You...

Cryola | Forthcoming Gigs

Forthcoming Gigs:
Wednesday, November 30, 2005 [10:30pm]
Capones, Makati City
Wednesday, December 14, 2005 [9pm]
Temple Bar, Greenbelt 3, Makati City

[Click Image for Cryola on MySpace]
Yahoo Groups/Mailing List

What's New and What's Next...

Wow I'm swamped with work but of course we have to blog for awhile. To me blogging is both a form of expression and stress release... I love blogging! :D
What's new:
Last week I indexed my reviews so that they could be found easier. This can be accessed via my SIDEBAR under My Reviews. Now since I'm sort of OC I've decided to index my blogs of intereset [these are blogs of friends and family that I frequent] it can be accessed via the SIDEBAR as well under My Blog Directory. I hope that this will make navigating my blog easier for my visitors.
What's next:
I plan to fix up my SIDEBAR some more and maybe index My Freebies [unsure though if I should add screen shots or what] section I admit that I haven't been making much content [maybe the occassional ringtone or wallpaper for a friend] this is in part due to being lazy and busy with work related stuff.
I also have albums rotating on my trusty media player that I'll be reviewing.
For the forthcoming long w…

My Sony Ericsson K750i Themes

Here is a list of themes I've made for Sony Ericsson K750/W800, each theme includes a matching mp3 ringtone :o)

Back2Love - Joy;The K&M Project - Pink Is the Colour [Kupper's Heavenly Disco Mix]

Beach House - Kaskade - Everything [Kaskade's Big Room Mix]

Disco Heaven - Solu Music ft. Kimblee - Fade [Grant Nelson Big Room Vocal Mix]

Joe Bailey - Yves Deruyter - Born Slippy [Deep Trance Mix]

Serve Chilled - Ganga - Hi-Fi Love [Kenneth Bager Re-Edit]
***Bonus: Animated version of Back2Love included***
Link to Hed Kandi Collection for Sony Ericsson on dA

Review|Gatecrasher Classics 2 (2005)

Category: Music
Genre: Dance & DJ
Artist: Various Artists
Ok I got Vol. 2 of the Gatecrasher Classics series... so how is it? IMO it's more of the tunes that I love! Hehehe albeit it seems that the mixing is still lacking... hmm was this done by a computer again? Disc 3 features some house sounding tunes that I'm sure you'll know [and appreciate]. If you like Vol. 1 get Vol. 2 [Swabe!!!]

Tracklist here


Motorola in cooperation with Calypso Events,
Kerplunk! Studios and Blue Rain Multimedia


Come to any of the following parties and get the
chance to become the the next MOTOROLA iDJ and

NOV 23 (WED)



DEC 16 (FRI)

OPEN BAR TILL 11pm on ALL nights!

Log on to or text 0927-9143249
for details on how to join!!

See you there!!

Review|Extraordinary Ways (Special Edition) (2005)

Category: Music
Genre: Dance & DJ
Artist: Conjure One
This is one of the better Ambient/Down-tempo albums I've had the pleasure of listening to. Rhyss Fulber's [from Delerium and Front Assembly] does fantastic work by imbuing enthralling vocals with electronic beats and melodies. It might seem biased but my fave tracks on this album are the ones featuring Poe... One Word, Extraordinary Ways, and Endless Dream are all great. Forever Lost featuring Chemda is nice as well. Something struck me as odd though and to me the intro to Beyond Being sounds a whole lot like Stairway to Heaven (Led Zep)???
Since this is a special edition release there are 3 extra tracks:
Endless Dream (Virus-V High Speed Mix) [so-so]
Extraordinary Ways (Antillas Club Mix) [uhm... maybe on a second or third listen it'll be better]
Endless Dream (Virus-V Chillout Mix) [male vocals?! wtf?!]

Sunday Re-cap

[Click Image for Online Album]
Played CS [Counter Strike... weee!] with my friends from around 2:30pm to 6pm! Haven't been playing for a few months and man do I suck! Hahaha! Oh well it was nice to play again it releases some stress [diba Elars :o)]. Then headed off to Rockwell to meet up with Tiu and Cams, Fong and Nadine, Lisa and her family were there as well, Mojix who played with us had a group meeting for his Masters Studies... Go Nature Boy Go! Whoooo! Made a quick stop at Core and were off to Podium to have ddd-dinneR with Yap & Kim and Shoty & Ary, Elars followed from Starbucks i-bank where he was finishing up a report. We ate at CHINA STAR. I went home after dinner...
[RANT]After dinner I had to go home na since as my mom put it: 'I've been out the whole day'... I don't really understand this statement though... what would I do at home the whole day? Watch TV? Be Online? Eat? Sleep? Now if I did all this I'd probably get crap like: "You&#…

Saturday Gimmick

Ok my day started off pretty early [slept at 4:30 am and woke up at 8:00am] started tagging my mp3s till 10am. Went to the office to meet a potential supplier. Went to the temple and burned some incense had a lite lunch and was home by 12:30pm. Tiu picked me up at around 1pm and we went to fetch Cams and proceeded to Ayala Alabang for the Cuenca Bazaar... We saw our friends Jason and Kathy who just so happens had a booth there. We then met up for coffee with Yap and Kim at Starbucks in Alabang Town Center. We went home got changed and it was off to gimmick. We had dinner at this nice little Italian resto called L'Incontro [N. Garcia formerly Reposo St. in Makati City]. Kaye and I split an order of Onion Soup [so-so]... Kaye suggested I order a 'Pansarotti' it's a fresh green raviolli seafood and tomato based sauce [champion! Nice one Yao]. I really liked this resto very cozy and the ambiance was cool! There was a band performing and they were pretty good the singer has…

Review|Precious (2005)

Category: Music
Genre: Dance & DJ
Artist: Depeche Mode
A quick review before stepping out for my Saturday Night Gimmick...
This is Depeche Mode's single entitled Precious... It has 3 tracks 2 mixes of Precious and another single Free. I consider Depeche Mode as one of the greatest groups [or bands around] they've been in the music scene like forever. :o) I really like the way they make their songs and especially the mixes. This CD single, is no different and I'm loving the 2nd track Precious (Misc. Full Mix)... Have a listen and you might like it also.

Sick Bean and It's All My Fault...

Dammit! My slight coughs and colds have escalated into catastrophic coughs and colds damn cigarettes sheez I really need to lay off these death sticks [for awhile atleast hehe]. I hope I feel better soon... LU next week e! I acknowledge that it is my fault haven't been eating and sleeping properly, and have been relying heavily of nicotine to wake me up throughout the past work week. Shit! Gimmick tonight I must let somebody else hold these cigs for me... (*_*)

Chillaxed Friday

ACP met up at Power Plant Mall in Rockwell for a chillaxed Friday Gimmick. Coffee at Seattle's Best Coffee, a few drinks at Via Mare, and a few more at Dencio's

[click image for online album]

Review|It's All Gone Pete Tong [OST](2005)

Category: Music
Genre: Dance & DJ
Artist: Various Artists
If you liked the movie why not have a listen of the OST... It takes musical highlights from the movie and really brings back memories of some of the scenes in the film. I suggest you give both CDs a whirl in your player... Disc 1 (Day) is slower and captures most of the melancholic parts of the film whilst Disc 2 (Night) embodies Wilde's clubbing prowess... Nice!

Review|Creamfields Mixed by Ferry Corsten

Category:MusicGenre: Dance & DJArtist:Various Artists I've always been a fan of Ferry Corsten [aka System F, Moonman, and 1/2 of Gouryella the other half being Tiesto]... this guy certainly has talent in mixing and producing. With this mix album Corsten encompasses a wider spectrum of music [house to trance] and it's a joy to listen to. Great great tracks and nice mix work from one of the Dutch masters of Electronic music.

Review|Energy Winter (2005)

Category:MusicGenre: Dance & DJArtist:Various Artists This is a harder faster album... that I've rotating off my media player for this week for my reviews. Disc 1 is mixed by Zenith DJ while Disc 2 is Mdjaxx and Max B. Grant. This compilation hits you fast and hard... quite a good selection of Tech and Hard-Trance, I know that this probably won't be getting any airplay any time soon [at least none of the tracks won't become another Everafter...], I feel that this sub-genre of Trance is under appreciated especially in the Philippines... Personally I like it. Of course it has to be mixed well and credit where it's due this album is mixed pretty well. Coming off my review of Gatecrasher this is a definite plus.

Review|Gatecrasher Classics (2005)

Category:MusicGenre: Dance & DJArtist:Various Artists This is a must have compilation! 3 Discs [50 Tracks] the mixing sucks [it was done by a computer], I think it would have been better if a real DJ mixed it or if you're having a computer do it then maybe don't mix it and just slap on the tracks... But I must say the song selection is spot on! These are the tracks that really made me fall in love with Trance. Yes I may have had a fling with Hard House in '99, had a short affair with House last year, and am flirting heavily with Dance right now, but it will always be Trance that I go home with... Trust in Trance.

Tracklist here

Under the Weather...

Feeling a bit under the weather... I've been battling slight coughs and colds since Monday night not really a firm believer in medication so I've been taking a lot of fluids... However it doesn't seem to be as effective now maybe this is something viral. Really have to get some more rest... and lay off the death sticks... for awhile :o)

Review|The Best of Ambient Lounge (2005)

Category: Music
Genre: Dance & DJ
Artist: Various Artists
This is what it is... a finely selected collection of Ambient Lounge tracks... Perfect for sipping a nice drink and chatting with friends after a hectic week at work. I imagine this would fit right in into a nice bar. As it says on the album art Perfect Music for Relaxin' & Chillin'

Review|Destroy Rock & Roll (2005)

Category:MusicGenre: Dance & DJArtist:Mylo This is an amazing debut album from Scottish born Myles MacInnes... It is filled with soothing vocals, nice bass lines and wonderful electronic beats. I read somewhere that the 24 year old MacInnes is a wiz with his Apple G4 and some of his masterpieces were made on the desktop! Kewl! You have to give this album a listen. Tracks to Watch: Sunworshipper, Drop the Pressure, In My Arms, Guilty of Love, Destroy Rock & Roll, Otto's Journey, Musclecar Reform Reprise.

Review|Universal FM Transmitter

Category:Computers & ElectronicsProduct Type: OtherManufacturer: Unknown Universal FM Transmitter
Item Description:

This FM Transmitter that can be used with any kind of mp3 players, palm pilots, PDA, laptops, comp, etc. unlike other universal fm transmitters, this can read all radio station listed (like itrip).


* Digital 87.0-108.5 Mhz All-frequency stereo transmission,
* LCD frequency display.
* Clock displays hour, minute, and second time, and 12/24 hour system is optional.
* Active stereo microphone indication.
* Backlight 8s delay.
* Electronic button power switch.
* Memory of three common transmission frequencies.
* Powered by 2 AAA Batteries [doesn't drain your devices' power]

Pricing and Availability:

* In Stock
* Php 1,200.00 [volume pricing available]

Go over to BUDGET GADGET PINOY to get your's today! [click the link]


Got this FM transmitter for my bro a few months back. He's currently using it for his iPOD m…

What's New?!

I've indexed my reviews! The index is a listing of all my reviews [with links to the individual posts/reviews]. This can be accessed via the sidebar under 'My Reviews' or the post itself here. I hope this makes navigating my blog a bit easier. :o)
I plan on doing some more music reviews [I've a couple of albums I'm cycling thru...] and maybe a software review or two if I've the time.

Thoughts on Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith (no spoilers)

No Spoilers
Watched Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith last night.
First off it is a great movie going experience. Both visual and aural aspects of the film blend very well together, I strongly suggest watching it in a THX certified theater. Of course John Williams and the London Symphony Orchestra was able to masterfully make music impart some of the story and the feelings of the characters (a mini review of the Soundtrack is here). The movie is 140 minutes (2 hours and 20 minutes). As for the story I've read the novelization so I know it (a mini review of the Novel is here), but of course it is a different thing to watch it.
The Story - As everyone knows this final Star Wars film of the Prequel Trilogy (PT) will tell the tale of how Anakin Skywalker, a young Jedi Knight and hero of the Republic falls to the Dark Side of the Force and rises as Darth Vader, Dark Lord of the Sith one of the most evil villians the Galaxy has ever known. It also documents the formation of…

BeanJAM vs MotoBean

BeanJAM vs MotoBean
My two WindowsMobile™ powered devices will go head to head right NOW!
Been using my Windows Mobile Pocket PC Phone Edition (WMPPCPE) --aka BeanJAM for 7 months.
Been using my Windows Mobile Smartphone (WMSP) -- aka MotoBean for 1.5 Weeks.
Thanks for joining us... Tonight's featured bout is between BeanJAM and MotoBean sponsored by Bny This bout is three rounds: Round 1: Communications and Connectivity, Round 2: PDA Functions and Syncing, Round 3: Camera, Expansion, and Others. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Children of all ages... LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLE...!!!!
Tale of the Tape
Hardware: i-mate JAM (aka HTC Magician, dopod 818, T-mobile Compact, Orange m500, O2 XDAIImini, Qtek s100)
Form Factor: PDA
Platform: Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition for Pocket PC Phone Edition (wheew! a mouthful)
Approx. 58 (W) x 108 (H) x 18.1 (T) mm Weight with battery: 150g
Intel PXA 272 CPU
Clock speed: 416MHz

Review|Network (2005)

Category:MusicGenre: Dance & DJArtist:Global Deejays Dance Dance Dance! It's all about Dance with this album... I really like the re-made tracks by Global Deejays that familiar song and that nice beat really appeals to me. This album is also made to sound like a radio broadcast [befitting the title Network] a really unique way of presenting their songs. Tracks to watch: Stars on 45, What A Feeling (Flash Dance)(Clubhouse Album Mix) , The Sound Of San Francisco (Progressive Album Mix), Clap Your Hands, American Pie, In the Name of Love, You are All of That (Global Deejays Mix).

Review|Generation (2005)

Category:MusicGenre: Dance & DJArtist:Audio Bullys The Audio Bullys sampled Nancy Sinatra's Shot You Down infused some beats and have a hit... wow is it that simple? All Sing Along, I'm In Love are other tracks that took my notice. The Audio Bullys are surprisingly, enjoying much success since they announced that they were genre agnostic, I do feel however that this is more of a Break-beats style album. Stop-Go-Stop-Go?! Not my bag but there is potential for it. Maybe as driving music...

My Notebook Has Been Invaded!!!

This is by far one of the best skins I've used on my notebook! It really is fantastic [click images for bigger view]... you must check out this skin! Don't forget to open WMP 10... ;o)

[Bootscreen: Alienware Invader Special Edition Wallpaper using TuneUpStyler]

[Windows Logon: Modded ashdgr8's Alienated II Bootscreen using Logon Studio]

[Windows UI: Alienware Invader by Skins Factory]

[Cursors by yingjunjiu]
Want to be invaded? Click herefor the Skin Suite, Cursors, Special Ed Wallpaper and ObjectDock. Click here for ashdrg8's original logon screen

Pinder Laptop Bags and Socks

Right... so you have a Notebook and you're looking for a stylish way to carry and protect your investment. Well look no further... Pinder is here :o)

I've seen these bags upclose and the quality is top notch.
1000D Water Repellent Nylon Cordura™ 100% Nickel Plated Hardware1/4 inch Closed Cell Foam Padding on 5 sidesNo. 8 YKK™ ZippersRipstop Nylon InteriorStrong nylon handlesSide pocket for power supply/accessoriesWeighs only 1.2 pounds (544 grams)High quality shoulder strap includedPinder™ Lifetime Guarantee5% donated to charity --
X-Small: 12 in x 10 in X 1.2 in (30 cm X 25cm x 2.5cm) Medium: 15 in x 11.5 in x 1.75 in (39cm x 29cm x 4.5cm) --
X-Small Laptop Bag is for 12" that's P2,400.00Medium Laptop Bag is for 15" that's P2,800.00--

[Haute Pink, Orange Heat, Mo' Green, Sky High Blue, Silver Steel, Major Camo, Corner Office Black]

Laptop Socks

Ok this is really neat! Giant socks for your notebook [similar to iP…

Proclamation No. 839 [Long Weekends...]

Since I was unsure if the 28th was really a free day I did a search and here it is straight from ATE GLO’s Office [note: this was dated May 10,2005]. [Blue Text is from the Proclamation]

Forthcoming Long Weekend for November
[Friday, November 25, 2005 thru Monday, November 28, 2005]:WHEREAS, November 28, 2005 (Monday) may also be declared as a non-working holiday while November 30, 2005 (Wednesday) may be declared a working day, provided that all activities and celebration in observance of "Bonifacio Day" shall remain to be observed on November 30, 2005 (Wednesday); andForthcoming Long Weekend for December
[Friday, December 23, 2005 thru Monday, December 26, 2005]:WHEREAS, December 26, 2005 (Monday), may be declared as an additional day-off pursuant to Section 9, Rule IV of the Omnibus rules Implementing the Labor Code, which states that "where a regular holiday falls on a Sunday, the following day shall be considered a special holiday for purposes of the Labor Code, unles…

Another Business Seminar

Attended another business seminar this time at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. This one was hosted by the Belgian Government.
Very Interesting...

Plain and Simple Men's Shirts

Hi Guys! Looking for comfy clothes? Check these out... my friend is selling them

Free DeliveryDiscounted prices for pick upWe deliver in 2-3 daysWe accept bulk orders --
Mobile: 0917-5342326 / 0922-5312227 look for Johnsy :)

Dinner with Cubs

Cubs is here and we went to have dinner with her :o)
Pity she has to go home na tomorrow... [extend na...!] Had to go home early since it's a workday tomorrow. It was nice seeing you again Cubs [see yah in HK!]

[Dinner and Drinks at Trio: click image for online album]

Bigfish pts. License to Thrill ft. DJ Guy Ornadel

License to Thrill ft. DJ Guy Ornadel
Saturday, November 26, 2005 9PM Onwards
Embassy Super Club, The FORT
Door Charge: PhP 500.00|Pre-Selling: PhP 400.00
Click for BIGFISH Manila Website
Click for Guy Ornadel's Website

RIP: Eddie Guerrero [Updated]

A sad day in sports entertainment... Eddie Guerrero passed away 11/13/2005, he's survived by his wife Vickie and daughters Shaul, 14, Sherilyn, 9, and Kaylie Marie, 3. He was 38.

Eddie Guerrero is one of the funniest and most charismatic wrestlers I've seen in and out of the ring. You'll be missed Holmes...

For more info on Eddie click here

Cause of Death [added 11/15/2005]:

“It was heart failure. It was from his past – the drinking and the drug abuse. They found signs of heart disease. She (the examiner) said that the blood vessels were very worn and narrow, and that just showed all the abuse from the scheduling of work and his past. And Eddie just worked out like crazy all the time. It made his heart grow bigger and work harder and the vessels were getting smaller, and that’s what caused the heart failure. He went into a deep sleep."

Vickie Guerrero on Eddie's Autopsy report here

Chillaxin' Sunday

Went to Power Plant Mall in Rockwell for most of the afternoon with Yap, Kim, Yao met up with Tiu, Cam, Shots and Ary as well. We then had dinner at Kaiseki [Fort] we were joined by Mabs and Vans, had some desert and then chilled out a PGA cars for a bit [they played poker I played AOEIII]. Pretty chillaxed Sunday...

[click image for online album]

Bel's Dad's Birthday

Happy Birthday Mr. S!
Went to the Surla Crib yesterday for Bel's Dad's Birthday. Wow the food was really really good [champion yun Roast Beef]. It took me around 5 hours alot of ice and Sprite to finish a bottle of Mike's Hard Lemonade [pooocha! I can't drink talaga, I rested pa kasi sumasakit na ulo ko and super namumula na daw ako]. The others decided to play poker... wasn't in the mood so just talked with the others who got dislodged from the table early and of course the girl friends disinterested in the game. Ranted quite a bit to my friends about some problems... and do appreciate them for listening and sharing as well. Ok talaga ang samahan ng ACP... di lang pang i-sports pang pamilya pa... :P

[The lovely Bel Surla and the Dashing Moj Mojica... CUTE! oh yeah click the image for the online album]

Friday Night Out: Chocolate Buffet and Fiamma

[the lion outside Manila Peninsula Hotel: ROAR!!!][click for online album]
Been in a bit of a rough patch recently... you may call it a slump. Anyway Tiu and Cams convinced me to join them and some other friends in a 'Chocolate Buffet' at Manila Peninsula Hotel [in Makati]... I'm a self-confessed Chocolate Lover and wow it was so good...!!! I may have eaten too much though and was giddy with the sugar high! We then headed to Fiamma [along Jupiter] a really nice place... so clean and white and the people were beautiful a bit crowded [even if it was still a soft opening] the place still smelled a bit like concrete though [they had a separate smoking area as this bar was in Makati after all so you won't smell like an ashtray a definite plus to non-smokers], prices were not cheap but hey I don't drink! Hahaha :o) It would do good to invest in a resident DJ though as the CD or whatever repeated na and to me that is a no-no in any establishment [save for an elevator of …