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Game of Phones, Clash of Patents: A Song of Mobiles and Carriers by Bean RR Kegaw

Game of Phones, Clash of Patents: A Song of Mobiles and Carriers by Bean RR Kegaw

Wrote this for fun, GRRM pls don't sue me. 

In the Game of Phones... Either you win or you loose market share, your stock tanks and you miss your estimates (again and again), or you're not even talked about. 

There is no end in sight for the bitter war for your cash, the populace is being feasted upon by rampaging Carriers. Wielding 2 year contracts, absurd pricing and the dread weapon called ETF (early termination fees) and other dark magics. 

Meanwhile in the far off land of Mobiles... House Blackberry (RIMM) is continuing to loose market share to House iPhone (AAPL) & House Android (GOOG). BB's stubbornness and misplaced sense of entitlement because of BBM will not save them. Dark times ahead, dark times for the house and host of RIMM.  

House iPhone currently engaging in all out patent combat with the host of House Android. It has forced the commanders of GOOG to purchase sell swords in Motorola (MMI), for their patent portfolio. Other banner men of house Android are under attack as well. Samsung (SSNLF) has recently been hindered by patent attacks from voracious House iPhone. Likewise house HTC (2498.TW) is being harassed by both House iPhone & former masters House Redmond (MSFT). We have a Clash of Patents in our midst. Each one claiming the other infringed on their patents. Everything is bound by patents and this will be a long and grinding war. 

House WebOS (HPQ) who swallowed House Palm (PALM) left with the bitter taste of  defeat in their mouths. Have retreated from open combat it is unclear if they will ever regain lost honor and glory. 

An unseen host is forming beyond the Wall of the top 3 houses. House Redmond (MSFT) and House Symbian (NOK) These former masters at the Game of Phones would certainly love to kick out the usurpers and ascend to the throne again. They have been dismissed and 
forgotten by most and yet they have formed an unholy alliance. Are they scheming to bring the kingdoms into further turmoil? Do they matter?

One thing is for sure: iPhone 5 is coming... 



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