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No AMZN AppStore for You!!! #3rdworldproblems

Is anyone else getting this error on #iOS5 #beta

Might be the reason why non-Globe SIM cards are not working (data wise)

Spaghetti Bolognese #foodspotting #pasta

Taken at Cibo

Fish Kebab #foodspotting

Taken at Moksha Resto & Bar

Today's #lockscreen

Feeling fat so I'm using Jabba as my lock screen graphic.

Windows 8 Developer Preview

Assembling nested doll w/ Sovi

Thanks for dropping by Chi Chi boy family 😁

McDough: Hopia Baboy

Taken at Cardinal Santos Medical Center

Someone bring @aboveandbeyond to MNL! #trancefamily

Group Therapy tour schedule. Looks like Manila has no date and we
might even get skipped! We fly in reality show contestants and yet we skip world class acts
like A&B? What's wrong with this city? We propagate an injustice to our ears.

restoring my iTunes Library...

Thinking of cutting some weight. Yes, I #kegaw even health & fitness

32M, Asian, 139lbs 5"4 BMI is 23.9  Thinking of cutting some weight (10-15lbs) to make body weight exercises easier. I don't want to go on a diet or anything, may be less salt to reduce water retention. I need the carbs for energy and protein to rebuild muscles for sure.  Here is the BMI calculator I used, I like it because it has adjustment for ethnic group:
My eternal foe sleep deprivation & insomnia I think is contributing to my slow (well I think it's slow) recovery. I need to sleep and let my body heal but pain or my brain either wakes or keeps me up.  I'm 1 session shy of finishing my PT (or phase one of it at least) the doctor is supposed to re-evaluate, and make a recommendation.  Therapist M says it's possible that my patella is not sliding into place properly as I bend my knee, that is why I have pain. She also points out that my quads are too weak.  NB: if you see my r…

Game of Phones, Clash of Patents: A Song of Mobiles and Carriers by Bean RR Kegaw

Game of Phones, Clash of Patents: A Song of Mobiles and Carriers by Bean RR Kegaw Wrote this for fun, GRRM pls don't sue me.  In the Game of Phones... Either you win or you loose market share, your stock tanks and you miss your estimates (again and again), or you're not even talked about.  There is no end in sight for the bitter war for your cash, the populace is being feasted upon by rampaging Carriers. Wielding 2 year contracts, absurd pricing and the dread weapon called ETF (early termination fees) and other dark magics. Meanwhile in the far off land of Mobiles... House Blackberry (RIMM) is continuing to loose market share to House iPhone (AAPL) & House Android (GOOG). BB's stubbornness and misplaced sense of entitlement because of BBM will not save them. Dark times ahead, dark times for the house and host of RIMM.   House iPhone currently engaging in all out patent combat with the host of House Android. It has forced the commanders of GOOG to purchase sell swords in Mo…

In the tech stocks I follow RIMM is the only 1 down. #kawawa

Can't input cell data settings manually in #beta7 or did they move it somewhere else?

My device is unlocked and not jail broken.

Hot pack magic

Hmmm updates for breakfast.

Review // Boxing Gloves

I've been buying tracks like a madman ever since I found out that @audiojelly was having an all tracks at 0.99c sale. One of the releases I picked up over the weekend was Boxing Gloves by Ad Brown and Kerry Leva. Released on the Songbird label. To be honest I happened by it on accident, was browsing around and saw the title I became curious and saw that it was an Ad Brown and Kerry Leva track. Their names were familiar because I had been playing "As The Rain Falls" frequently last year. A nice progressive track nothing to heavy which brings out, Kerry Leva's sweet sounding vocals. With lyrics that may (or may not) hit you in the gut, pun intended. I thought this was a knockout for sure (ok ok I'll stop with the boxing references). In any case I think this will surely be a nice track to feature on the podcast. The release has three tracks: original, kerry leva remix and a dub mix thrown in for good measure.  For the lyrics fiends that ar…

Today's lock screen

My friend sent me this.

GOOG calendar SMS & email alerts.

Did you know you can get email or SMS alerts using GOOG calendar?

Lucky Strike convertible cigarette


Another book that is not available for purchase even though they sell
their audiobooks w/ DRM!!! Hey publishers I am willing to pay! Let me buy the GD book!

Kare-Kare ala Café del Marc. cooked by @marcsoong

Had this for lunch yesterday (I had 3 servings) cooked from scratch by
my friend! Tah-lap!

Radler Camp from @Timberland_PH

This is the black noir color. It's also available in yellow, orange,
red, violet.

Tips & Tricks // iPhone PIM conflict resolution

Posting my email to a friend re: resolving conflicts in iPhone contacts and Outlook (or another program).  Sorry for the long email.  This happens when you have multiple locations of contacts for your iPhone. This may also occur when the device you are syncing uses fields that are not supported by the program you are syncing too. In this example:

Twitter and iPhone are not supported by outlook and will be left out. When you sync it may be possible that some of your contacts have fields like these and are not being synced bec the program thinks it's empty.

What you can do is rebuild.

Step 1: backup your outlook contacts. Export as pst or windows csv. Pst format = container keeps caller ID photos. Csv does not.

Delete the pst in outlook or make it point to a new one. This is now empty.

Step 2:  fix your contacts on iPhone, make sure you use basic fields like:

Email 3
Home 2
Work 2

Make sure you are saving to iPhone and not to another location.
For me it…

Palabok #foodspotting #takeaway

Taken at Red Ribbon

Salisbury steak #foodspotting #takeaway

Taken at Red Ribbon

Enraf-Nonius TensMed 931

Reminds me of those ab workout machines on home tv shopping.

People you see at the hospital... Part 2: Doctors

Saw a Xaverian: Dr. Kurt he actually attended me during my ER visit a few weeks back. Gundammit I forgot his last name (I know I tweeted it) Saw a friend who is now a doctora. Pretty cool catching up w/ ya K. Both of them interns, good luck docs! ----
Also saw my ortho who was 45 mins late while I was 30 mins early. Total waiting time 1:15 total consult time 15mins. Saw a rehabilitation doctor which started me off on a PT program. And completed my 1st session with therapist M. She was pleasant, professional and patient. Next session on Friday, see you therapist M.

People you see at the hospital... Part 1

Saw him at CSMC as I was going into physical therapy & after. A fellow gamer, we met at a certain gaming place at UM. Good to see him and catchup but I wish it was in better terms. He'd been mostly US based but had to come back home. His mom has stage 4 ovarian cancer. For those who pray do your stuff. For those who don't send positive vibes / thoughts to his mom & his family. It'll only take a minute of your time and it counts as a random act of kindness. Which I think we as a society should do more often.

Private posts: some thoughts are best kept to yourself or a select group

I'm pretty sure the internet isn't the proper venue for anything you don't want to get out. If you don't want it broadcasted don't put it on the net. Simple. Sometimes you need to say or write things down as a form of coping or dealing with your surroundings and situations. It may help you understand things better or earmark the matter for future discussions or whatever. Very similar to journal writing but it's digital and can be multimedia. The problem then lies on accessibility of such a post. Is the site you are using privacy heavy? For sure you shouldn't use twitter, Facebook, Google+ for such things. Who can view and comment on it? A totally private blog shared with select people protects the post somewhat but not totally. A digital online journal can be both liberating yet dangerous as it is online - if your pw get's hacked then the poop will hit the fan. If you leave your browser open and someone sits down & reads your bookmarked stuff then y…

My 40th thousand tweet

Tips: Remove Broken Files or Missing Files from iTunes Library

Sometimes when you move things around you get broken or missing files in iTunes. Here is how to get rid of those ghost files. Step 1: Create a SMART PLAYLIST name it All Files  Use Artist is not 123456789 (so it will pick-up everything) as variable you may also add other filters like is not podcast or is not audiobook or is not video etc Step 2: Create a STATIC PLAYLIST and name it All Live Files (so the list is empty at first) Step 3: Select everything in All Files (SMART PLAYLIST) and drag and drop onto All Live Files (STATIC PLAYLIST) iTuneswill only copy the unbroken files.  Step 4: Create a second SMART PLAYLIST name this Missing Files use the following as variables: Playlist is All Files (from Step 1) Playlist is not All Live Files (from Step 2) Step 5: When you click on Missing Files (SMART PLAYLIST, from step 4) you should be left with only your missing files. Select all (or some) of the missing files, notice you will not be able to delete or remove them from your library by just hitti…

Star Wars BD early access app

Pretty cool! BTW you need an iTunes US account to download this free app. Can't wait for my Saga BD to ship... I hope Philippine customs aren't
assholes about tariffs (the chances of this are 775 to 1, they are
always assholes, poodoo!).

Star Wars Blu-ray: Early Access

You'll need an US iTunes account to get this.Check out this application on the App Store:
Star Wars Blu-ray: Early AccessFox Mobile Entertainment, Inc.Category: EntertainmentUpdated: Aug 24, 2011 6 RatingsiTunes for Mac and WindowsPlease note that you have not been added to any email lists.
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