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Hi I’m an iPhone. And I’m a Smartphone. advert

This is actually quite funny hehehe :D
Hi I'm an iPhone. And I'm a Smartphone. Advert

The Ultimate Line... From Parts Unknown...

No no no, it's not the ULTIMATE WARRIOR's catch phrase, it's i-mate's Ultimate line of Windows Mobile devices. Pretty impressive specs, i-mate has been HTC-free since HTC began to market and sell it's own devices, I dunno where they are having these manufactured [hence the title]... let's see if they can pull this off.

Get Well Soon Friends

My friends got in a vehicular accident this AM, one of them is in hospital right now and has some injuries. Hope she gets better soon. This is my 1000th blog post, I wish I had something happier to post about though... :(

Review|PDair Treo750v Retractable Sync/Charge Cable

Another thing I ordered with the case is a Retractable Sync and Charge Cable. This one is really convenient as you can leave both your charge and sync cable at home [provided you have a usb port to charge from]. It's really convenient especially if you travel a lot. I also got a free gift from PDair [it's their 5th anniversary] so aside from the free shipping I got a leather key ring the back part has a slit which can actually fit an SD card or SIM card, cool!

PDair Website

Review|PDair Treo750v Silicone Case

As I posted the other day I got my 750v accessories... First up is the silicone case.
The case is really slim unlike the capdase ones. Of course there are cutouts for everything from the stylus, to the miniSD slot, to the ringer switch, camera and speakers at the back and even the ir port, the qwerty is also exposed and is unobstructed which I appreciate. The volume buttons, ptt button, and dpad are covered though. The case seems to be covered with a fine coating which minimizes lint, but lint still get there as with all silicone cases. Not a big deal as they are washable. Putting in the Treo is easy, just be careful as I said the case is thin. Also my Treo with case fits my cheapo holster which I've been using before the case arrived... Now my beloved device is protected!
Good Feel
Good for day to day protection

Lint Magnet [but this is a given with silicone cases]
Here are some more pics [via Flickr]: CLICKY [Blogger was taking forever to upload]
PDair W…

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday
Christian Lorenz 'ALPHA' Pua [aka Shoty] hehe
May the FORCE Be With You...

I Want a Tablet or UMPC

I want an UMPC [read: Ultra-Mobile PC] or maybe a tablet PC running Windows Vista preferably. I want to play around with Vista but I'm also pretty sure that I should not install it on my only machine yet [unless I go dual boot that is]. While there are some Tablet PCs on display in some shops [most of them are pretty old models though] I think there is a lack of UMPC choices here in Manila. I am thinking of forcing the issue though and maybe getting an old tablet [but with sufficient specs] and try to load Vista into it. Granted it would probably be cheaper to configure a desktop for Vista [did I mention is was cheaper] but that really wouldn't be mobile now would it. My eye has been set on the UX series of SONY even before Vista was out... and the last time I checked SONY style US and HKG I saw that the UX's were running Vista Business! Cool! I saw a lower end model of the UX, it had 512Mb and 30Gb and it was going for PhP 135,000.00 shitballs! That's too expensive fo…

Cisco and Apple Sitting on a Tree... Ki-ss-i-n-g

It seems that CISCO and Apple have come to an agreement about the iPhone trademark.
SAN JOSE & CUPERTINO, Calif. – Cisco® and Apple today announced that they have resolved their dispute involving the "iPhone" trademark. Under the agreement, both companies are free to use the "iPhone" trademark on their products throughout the world. Both companies acknowledge the trademark ownership rights that have been granted, and each side will dismiss any pending actions regarding the trademark. In addition, Cisco and Apple will explore opportunities for interoperability in the areas of security, and consumer and enterprise communications. Other terms of the agreement are confidential.Link

My Treo Accessories are Here!!!

Ok in all the ROM excitement I forgot to mention that my accessories are finally here. I got a claim stub for my parcel yesterday afternoon and got my stuff this AM at the San Juan Municipal Post Office. I'm using both the silicone case and the sync/charge cable as I type this entry. Cool! I'll post reviews soon [forgot my DSC at home]. It's the merchant's 5th year anniversary so shipping was free and I also got a leather key holder. Cool!

Desktop Updater 1.16 EN Problems/Solutions

Ok so last night I decided to do the update [using the Desktop Updater, see post before this]. Funnily enough the Desktop Updater crapped out on the 2nd part of the update with this ominous looking message. I re-tried it 3x more and the update still failed.

The geek in me would not tolerate failure so I proceeded into kegaw[know-it-all]mode.
First I did a backup using SPB Backup. Then I did a hard reset, pulled out the SIM and miniSD. I downloaded AS 4.5 thinking this would make the update work [this would bite me in the ass later].
Attempted another update and failed again. I thought hard and figured the update might not be working because I already had AKU 2.6 [courtesy of the first NL ROM which was released] so I decided screw it I already have good backups and the ROMs anyway. So I flashed my device with the Cingular Test ROM [Oct-2006, this one had AKU2.3], I then re-tried the desktop update and though the update finished successfully I now had a Cingy device with AKU 2.6 / Software…

palm Treo 750v 1.16 Desktop Updater is Out

Last week Vodafone NL released a NBH update [miniSD] which was promptly take down after just 24 hrs. Now it seems a new update is out, this time it's a desktop updater. Thanks to TreoCentral user hagenuk for the heads up :o) it seems that this update is easier to do. You just connect the Treo, open the EXE and wait for the update to finish. No more fumbling with button combo's and sd card formatting.
So far from hagenuk's screenies and comments there are 2 things that the desktop updater does that the NBH update doesn't:
Updates Software Version to TREO750-1.16-VFE, the NBH update only updated the Firmware version [to 1.12.0c.00] and AKU [to 2.6]
Doesn't require a hard reset [data is intact after update], the NBH update required a hard reset upon completion
Personally I haven't done the update yet [I forgot my charger at home... booh!] maybe tonight.
I suggest you grab the update before Voda NL takes it down again. CLICKY

Review|Skype v2.2beta for WindowsMobile

Almost a year after I tried out Skype Low CPU version on my dopod 838, I'm trying skype again. This time I am using my Treo 750v and running it on SMART 3G [as the Treo lacks WiFi]. Granted skype was not a mainstay on my device configs [I still have far too few contacts to consider it], I'm trying it out for a friend. A word of caution though, using skype means using data [unless you're on free WiFi] this means costs, be sure you understand your provider's billing and rates.
So what has changed? Well for starters Skype 2.2 beta now supports both PocketPCs and Smartphones [I don't have a smartphone ATM so I was not able to test on that platform]. I've also noticed the addition of softkeys which makes using skype easier. It seems that this version of skype no longer needs a low cpu version.

I tested skype with a friend he was on a Desktop PC and I was on my Treo. IM'ing was not a problem and works great especially with the Treo's QWERTY keyboard. VoIP w…

Will the Real iPhone Please Standup...

Cisco trademarked the iPhone (since 2000). Linksys iPhone

LG showed their Prada phone Sep 2006. LG Prada Phone. LG accuses Apple of copying LG. Apple showed their iPhone Jan 2007. Meizu copied iPhone Feb 2007. Meizu M8 miniOne
It seems like the iPhone has a lot of obstacles to go thru before it reaches the millions of salivating Apple fanboys and girls, as well as more level headed gadget aficionados.
pics courtesy of mobilitysite, engadget, linksys/cisco

SHARP EM.ONE [Japan Always Gets the Good Stuff]

Saw this at Mighty impressive specs [although I'm curious why it's not sporting the newly announced WM6, I'm sure HTML Email would look awesome with this drool worthy screen].
WM 5.0
A Marvell PXA270 (previously, Intel PXA270) 520MHz CPU
128Mb RAM / 512Mb ROM
4.1" WVGA (800 x 480)
NVIDIA GoForce 5500
802.11b/g Wi-Fi
Bluetooth 1.2
video-out port
miniSD slot
mini-USB port
1.3-megapixel camera
dual-slide QWERTY keyboard and control pad
Seems like it will be a Japan only device though :-(

Back to the 3G Fold...

Bawal ang kegaw... ako lang pwede mag kegaw... Ok I posted a few days back about how I fucked up and swapped my 2G SIM with a SMART 3G SIM which apparently doesn't play well with my Treo 750v [also reported not to work on HTC Hermes variants]. I went to SMART Wireless Center GH yesterday and was able to get a multi-line 2G SIM [64K] now I can use 3G again. I'm off to WC Galleria, since they were able to get me an old 2G SIM [64K] that isn't multi-line. A word of advise to Treo and Hermes users [dopod 838pro, HTC TyTN, et. al] stay away from the SMART 3G SIM it'll fuck up your 3G and leave you in uber slow GPRS mode.

More Info: palm Treo 750v Voda NL Update

Ok I bit the bullet and did the update. Update went smoothly and I've just finished syncing my data and reloading all my apps.
Things to know about this ROM:
1. WM5 AKU2.6
2. No MSN
4. WWE [World Wide English]
I am not noticing any significant issues or improvements from my previous ROM. I always update when a ROM comes out so I had to do it. I will post more info as it becomes available to me. I'm just happy that palm/Voda finally came out with a ROM update. Was hoping for at least AKU 3.x though.

More Reasons to Love the Dutch :o)

Giving us more reasons to love the Dutch [they churn out the best Trance DJs IMO]... Vodafone NL has just released a ROM update for the palm Treo 750v. The update is in English. I've successfully flashed my device to the new ROM and am in the process of re-installing my apps and syncing my data. Get the update here.
Update Procedure:
1. Download the NBH file, rename it to CHEEIMG.NBH
2. Format a miniSD card in FAT32 copy CHEEIMG.NBH to the card.
3. With the device fully charged, remove the SIM and insert card from #2
4. Press and hold PTT button [button bellow volume down] then press and hold stylus to the soft reset hole
5. You will be prompted to press the power button to begin the update. Press it.
6. Wait 5 to 10 mins until the update completes
7. Do a Hard Reset upon completion [HR= device on, press and hold power button and hold stylus to soft reset hole until prompted to press up on the dpad]

Hermes + GPS = HTC Kaiser

If rumours are to be believed it will be thinner than the Hermes [which it will replace] and will sport a GPS chip, I guess HTC wants to keep ETEN and the Glofiish-ies at bay. It's supposed to have UMTS and HSDPA, WiFi, Slideout QWERTY, microSD and a 400Mhz processor. So far no official word yet about the Kaiser or the Omni [rumour Universal replacement].
-- for the 2007 HTC roadmap.

Toshiba G900 WVGA PocketPC Phone

AKIHABARA NEWS has some drool worthy snaps of the G900 I mentioned a post ago. Pics posted are property of AKIHABARA.
Toshiba G900
Windows Mobile 6 Professional [PocketPC Phone Ed.]
3inch WVGA [Wide VGA 800 x 480]
64Mb RAM + 128Mb ROM
miniSD expansion
slideout QWERTY
Biometric security [finger print scanner]
All I can say is... WOW! After being absent from the WM world Tosh is back with a bang with this device. IIRC Tosh was one of the first OEMs to use VGA screens with the e800 series, now it seems they are pushing the envelope again with WVGA.
WM6 supports the following resolutions:
176 x 220
240 x 240
320 x 240 = qVGA
320 x 320 [new]
480 x 480 [new]
640 x 480 = VGA
800 x 480 [new] =WVGA
I hope palm comes out with a hi-res screen treo [320 x 320 will be fine :o)]

Interesting Things at 3GSM

3GSM Congress is ongoing and a lot of announcing has been done over the past few days...
For a WinMob geek like me I am liking that my device might be getting the next version of the OS.
Yes yes yes! 750v/c users might be getting WM6 hopefully MSVC 1.6 works well over BT with WM6 on our devices. I hear it works great on WM6 loaded Wizards...
I'm also liking that Toshiba will be coming back to WM. The G900 looks really nice with it's 800 x 480 WVGA [Wide VGA baby] display, now that's hot! HTC's Vox looks really interesting but nothing new from the leaks we've seen before 3GSM [the Athena and Love are just not for me]. i-mate's Ultimate Edition also seems to have some promise [if they get their thumbs out of their asses and release them in something other than gold!]. ASUS also plans on releasing some interesting WM6 Standard [Smartphone] devices like the Aries.
To learn more about the WM goodness in 3GSM, check out these sites:

xda-dev to take down ROMs with MS content

It's a sad day for Windows Mobile enthusiasts and developers alike. Microsoft has asked well known developer forum/site xda-dev to take down all ROMs containing Microsoft content [this include Original Shipping ROMs and Hacked ROMs]. I've been regularly visiting xda-dev since I got my first PocketPC phone and I must admit I have benefited a lot from the community. Hopefully development doesn't stop.

Here is the link to the thread:

xda-dev to take down ROMs with MS content

It's a sad day for Windows Mobile enthusiasts and developers alike. Microsoft has asked well known developer forum/site xda-dev to take down all ROMs containing Microsoft content [this include Original Shipping ROMs and Hacked ROMs]. I've been regularly visiting xda-dev since I got my first PocketPC phone and I must admit I have benefited a lot from the community. Hopefully development doesn't stop.

Here is the link to the thread:

Quadro EP Launch [02-Mar-07]

MARCH 02,2007

The Amandas
Check Experiment
Happy Meals
Out of Body Special

Php150.00 gets you in with
1 free bottle of redhorse beer and quadro cd
(limited stocks only)

Treos to get WM6...

This is great news for me and other fellow WM Treo users. If this pushes through and we do get an update to WM6 then I guess I will be keeping my 750v for a bit longer. I must admit I'm a little peeved at myself. I bit the bullet yesterday and upgraded my 2G SIM to a 3G SIM... and now I can't use 3G on my Treo I am still unsure if it is a SIM or device issue [well the SIM was tested on a N73 and it worked so it must be the Treo] anyway I can stay in GSM mode just fine, when I switch to Auto and connect to GSM then UMTS, I can't call, sms, or surf. Switching to pure UMTS mode, I can't even get a signal. Shitballs! The thing is SMART has phased out 2G SIMs all the new SIMs they are releasing are 3G SIMs, the CS REP is trying to find me a 2G SIM. Shitballs! My only chance is to get a 2G SIM or a multi-line SIM [this one is also 2G] or get a ROM update which supports SMART's SIM for now I am stuck in GSM and GPRS booo! Still I am hoping that I have a defective SIM. Hmm…

Introducing Windows Mobile 6...

Ok now it's really official...
Latest software to feature new messaging tools, tighter security and improved productivity features; devices to begin shipping worldwide by second quarter of 2007
MS has press releases and stuff all about WM6 and T-Mobile has some good news to Dash users who will get WM6 for their devices... Cool!
WM6 Intro Site
Press Release

Congratulations to Jayson and Zelda

My Highschool Classmate Jayson Ng is getting hitched to my College Blockmate Zelda Co today. Congrats you two, your both great people and deserve each other. Be happy, be safe and....

May the FORCE Be With You... [especially on your Honeymoon :P]

Windows Mobile 6 is Out, The Wait is On

Windows Mobile 6 [aka Crossbow] is out [the base for the OS WinCE 6.0 was announced last Nov 2006], Microsoft has once again 'fixed' [used liberally here] it's naming of the OS.
Windows Mobile 6 Classic = PocketPC
Windows Mobile 6 Professional = PocketPC Phone Edition
Windows Mobile 6 Standard = SmartphoneSince the next version of my fave OS is out... it's time to wait for the new devices, as much as I enjoy my 750v I'm still excited about the upcoming devices. I'm sure we'll be seeing more device announcements soon and hopefully new devices by the 2nd half of 2007. I am not optimistic that my 750v will get an OS upgrade [hell it's about 0.5 years old and it still hasn't received a ROM update, from palm or Vodafone]. So there we go, an excuse to get a new device to try out the new OS hehehe.

I could buy an old device like the Wizard or Universal [2 devices I've owned before] and try out the 'leaked' version but I guess shelling out money [ev…

Where in the World is Bny?

Was playing with Cams' hp iPAQ hw6965 the other day and decided to get my GPS location. I took the location data whilst I was smoking outside my house. I'm thinking of investing in a good Bluetooth GPS for my device but we shall see [I'm still not sure if I will be able to use it fully].

Incoming Accessories

I just ordered some accessories for my Treo [I got a Silicone case and a retractable sync n charge cable] as you may or may not know the 750v doesn't come with a case and I've been using a cheapo mobile phone case for the past weeks. Also the sync cable doesn't charge [mentioned this in my review]. Hopefully my orders come next week before CNY.

Bejeweled VE Available

Bejeweled is one of my all time fave games. I may purchase a lot of games but I always have it installed on my device [no matter what device that is]. Well the guys and gals at Astraware have made available a Valentine's Edition for Bejeweled, it's free if you already own the game.

Busy Bean

I've been a bit busy the past week, hoping things will go a little smoother this week. I need sleep and rest. Actually I think I need a vacation, well we all do but still there's nothing like saying it out loud I guess. Sort of crystalizes the intent for one hehe.

Skinning the TreoBean

I've been busy skinning TreoBean and here is what I have so far...

[Wisbar Advanced 2: Xcilion's Vista PE qVGA / PocketBreeze: Mickesjo's Whatsta qVGA - tabbed/ Today Theme: Custom by Me]

[PocketWeather: WillyG's Dedication Icon set]

[r|Today: bob_55's qVGA]

[Windows Media: Xcilion's Vista PE qVGA - WMP11]
Credit goes to the wonderful themers/skinners/converters who made this look possible :o)