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Get it together htc

I love htc, I loved them way back when they were just an OEM and did not sell their own devices. I owned several htc made devices under the XDA, imate, dopod, Palm, htc brands. So it pains me to see this company struggling in today's mobile wars.

My question is: why has htc stopped innovating? I think they became a "me too" player and that is why they are in trouble.

htc used to have tons of form-factors. Remember these:

They had portrait slider (htc blue angel aka o2 xda)
They had landscape slider (htc wizard aka doped 838)
They had landscape slider w/ tilting screen (htc tytn)
They had a convertible (htc universal)
They had a qwerty bar (treo pro, htc cha cha)

Now if all the competition is churning out slabs why not go the other way and serve a different form factor.

I bought an htc cha cha good idea form factor wise but the specs were less than mediocre, htc should update this design and put A1 specs on it. no one is doing qwerty bar except blackberry.

I also owned an XDA Exec AKA HTC Universal. This giant convertible device was too big for it's time. But now with Samsung's ridiculous sizes I think the Universal would be a good competitor with it's physical keyboard. Again put A1 specs on it.

The XDA (htc blue angel) a device spawned a whole forum of enthusiasts that has survived the rise and fall of windows mobile and is now an android-centric forum… why not revive that portrait slider put A1 specs on it?

I don't get why htc is trying to go toe-to-toe with slab devices when they have the know-how to make other more interesting form factors. The time to strike is now, people have been seeing the same slab type devices for years, they are hungry for other form factors.

Come on htc, get it together. I'm rooting for you.

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