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The first hub I purchased a coopidea USB-C to 4 port USB-A hub was interfering with WiFi. I was experiencing dropped wireless in both macOS and Windows 10.

I also experienced the HDD's ejecting unexpectedly.

I hope the Satechi Hubs I ordered are of better quality than the coopidea.

So I went and returned the annoying hub and decided to get an Apple made dongle. They are more expensive by default, also local APRs (Apple Premium Resellers) are not participating with Apple's USB-C Promotion. And it's just one USB-A port. They also don't have the single USB-C to USB-A one. So I had to purchase the more expensive Multi-port AV adapter. I've tested the USB-A, and USB-C pass-thru but have yet to test the HDMI port.
these are ugly AF!!!
Curiously I needed to install some software which required a restart 

I decided to buy a Belkin USB-C to USB-B micro (the fat version for USB3.0 HDDs) I may get another one of these if they are reliable.
cable seems sturdy!

and a USB-C to Lightning cable.
works well enough.

I reckon new cables are better than dongles? I also ordered a USB-C/USB-A memory stick so I can easily transfer files.

I really cannot wait for USB-C to be as mainstream as USB-A


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