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Thoughts on the Apple Watch

Over the holiday season I received an Apple Watch Series 2, thanks baby!

The 42mm fits my wrist well, not too big not too small.
Prior to receiving this awesome gift I was using a MiBand 2 as my wearable.

The Good:
As with most Apple products the hardware is really good. The UI is simple and intuitive. I like that you can use Siri on the watch as well. I think the device shines as a companion device to your iPhone for notifications and such. I think the fitness features are also inspiring me to be more active. Got to fill all those 3 circles, you know. I also like the variety of watch faces you can use.

Text messages

Phone calls


Controlling what's playing on my iPhone


The Bad:
No sleep tracking. I don't understand why this feature isn't baked in to watchOS given that the Apple Watch has tons of sensors. What gives?

The Ugly:
Battery life. I have to charge almost daily, my brother has advised me to use power reserve mode but then most features are disabled.

Here are the watch faces I am currently using

Modular is the most useful IMO
Mickey Mouse speaks the time upon tap
You may also use a photo, this Trench Run inspired one via

Activity Digital


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