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Wind U123H // The Triple Boot Project

Since my netbook is back from the shop and it’s as if it’s brand new. Well you all know what that means… It is time to tinker with it. Right now my Wind U123H is running Windows XP SP3 (which it came with). I don’t think I can stand XP anymore. After using Windows 7 you just can’t go back.

The Wind is packing a 250Gb HDD and I think that is more than enough space for three OS. I will be trying to do a triple boot system.

  1. Mac OSX 10.6.1
  2. Windows 7 Starter
  3. MeeGo 1.0.1

I will be installing in the order above and hopefully it all works out. I will be sure to report on how the install goes Smile


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Tips & Tricks|Orientation Aware Backgrounds

I just wanted to share some stuff I learned over at xda-dev's forum today.
Anyway as the title states this is about today themes and Orientation Aware Backgrounds. It's really quite simple
All you need is 2 images [3 if you want to change the Start Menu image as well] of the proper resolution.
tdywater_320_240.gif [Landscape Image] = 320 x 240 image
tdywater_240_320.gif [Portrait Image] = 240 x 320 image
stwater [Start Menu Image] = 190 x 290 image
tdywater_640_480.gif [Landscape Image] = 640 x 480 image
tdywater_480_640.gif [Portrait Image] = 480 x 640 image
stwater [Start Menu Image] = 399 x 586 image
What you do is copy the files to \Windows directory and viola! Orientation Aware Backgrounds!
Notes: The theme's default images will be used once you switch themes. So you would need to copy the files back again to \Windows dir for it to work again, what I do is I have placed Wallpaper sets in ZIP files on my Storage Card so I can change and change as desired.…