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Microsoft is Driving Me Away from WindowsPhone

For the record: I have been using Microsoft mobile devices since 2001, currently my primary device is an Apple iPhone 3GS, and my secondary device is a palm Treo Pro WindowsMobile 6.1 Pro device.

Microsoft KIN

Today Microsoft announced that KIN is dead. Goddamit it should never have been born! The still born (lacking features, bastard child of WindowsPhone7) should never have been released in the first place. Microsoft wasted resources on KIN when they could’ve folded in what they learned or acquired from Sidekick into WindowsPhone7. FUCKING STUPID!


I have Windows Mobile Marketplace on my TreoPro. GREAT right? WELL NO! It has been more than 6 months since I’ve had it on my device and I still cannot add my credit card and purchase apps. Yep the behemoth that is Microsoft can’t get it’s act together to allow Philippine credit cards. Of course I can side load but that doesn’t have all my apps in one central location and updates have to be checked and applied by me, 1 by 1.

Zune, Xbox, Bing Maps

Zune and Xbox are not available, while Bing Maps is almost empty for the Philippines.


Will be launching holiday 2010 (no solid date yet)… ZERO backwards compatibility with WindowsMobile. ZERO support for Zune, Xbox, Bing Maps (for the Philippines) as of this writing. It will be launching with LESS features vs WindowsMobile (i.e. copy & paste, multi-tasking might not be available at launch).


So it seems that Microsoft is hell bent on driving me away from Windows powered mobile devices. Yeah 9 years (and counting) of using, supporting, promoting Windows Mobile will be coming to a bitter end soon. Microsoft you really know how to screw with your fans don’t you?



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