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Apple Care for iPhone = Bull Shit

This past week I was on the phone with Globe and my friend who
operates an authorized Apple repair center. I was calling of course
for my only Apple product, the iPhone.

So I got my 16Gb iPhone 3GS in August 2009 from Hong Kong because I
prefer my mobiles unlocked. I then decided to purchase Apple Care
which extends my warranty till 2011.

So that's 6500HKD + 520HKD

Right now my battery life is really really crappy. I am pretty sure
Apple care covers the battery.

I also have hairline cracks on the device which have caused the
protruding part of the SIM card tray to break.  Quite irritating. I am
not sure if Apple care covers this but I am hoping it does.

So here's where the crap begins:

Local (Philippines) repair centers are NOT authorized to open iPhones
because Globe is the official carrier partner. Globe doesn't want
anything to do with my iPhone because I did not purchase it from them.

I had heard good things mostly praises for Apple support and how they
stand by their products. So I spent extra money to get extended
warranty but I can't get it locally. So I have to get my device to
Hong Kong. While I welcome any excuse to go to Hk it just ticks me off
that I cannot get my warranty here. With my other devices palm, hp,
Nokia, I was able to get warranty for them locally regardless where I
bought them.

Still undecided if I should get my iPhone repaired now or closer to
when my extended warranty ends.

I do not recommend Apple Care for iPhone if you live in the Philippines.



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