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4th Gen iPhone Outed by Gizmodo

Twitter and the interwebs was a buzz as the 4th Gen iPhone was outed a few days back. Head on over to Gizmodo to view the pics and read up on it.

It looks like it’s the real deal my only complaint is the move to micro SIM. Unless all mobile device manufacturers and mobile phone operators are moving to this standard. It’s simple when your iPhone runs out of juice you will not be able to easily move the different NON-STANDARD sized micro SIM to another device. As I said on twitter. micro SIM = dick move by Apple.

I am also growing suspicious about the whole thing (i.e. how the device was left in a bar etc etc) the story does seem like it’s orchestrated but I will give the Giz crew the benefit of the doubt. I also don’t think they should’ve released the guy’s name to the public,


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