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iPhone 3GS Week 01

Ok so I got a fruitphone in HKG last weekend, I got a 16Gb white one because black was out of stock. Here are a few of my observations.

Sync – contact fields from outlook are not sync'd completely… BOO!

Uptime – battery drains very very fast. Right now I have turned of fetch, 3G, and brightness is at 1/8th

Temp – the device gets warm very fast too.

Camera/Video – pretty good, I like how you can edit the video you captured. It would be better if Apple allowed editing without destroying the original video.

iTunes – I like being able to DL apps/games directly to the device.

Input – still getting the hang of this. I am deleting less & letting the built-in auto correct do it’s thing.


Right now: I am using it with my SUN Cellular SIM card.


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