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i-mate SPL... Slim WM5 Smartphone

Here's something out of i-mate it's the SPL.
It looks like a Moto SLVR knockoff but it features Windows Mobile 5 for Smartphone.
Some specs:
TI OMAP 730 200mhz Processor
64Mb RAM/128Mb ROM
Tri-band GSM/GPRS [no EDGE, 3G or 3.5G]
Bluetooth 1.2 [dunno if it supports A2DP]
miniSD Expansion
qVGA display [portrait 240x320]
miniUSB [used for syncing and audio input/output - I hate non-standard jacks for audio]
12 mm thickness [slim profile]
2MP Camera
no WiFi [not a big deal if it had 3 or 3.5G but it doesn't!]

Apart from being slim and having WM5 there really isn't anything that special about this mobile. It is good to see more choices though. Choices are definitely good.
More info: i-mate website


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