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Review // iPhone4 OtterBox Reflex Case

Otterbox (@OtterBoxhas been well known for making tough cases for our beloved devices. I used their Defender series for a bit, excellent protection but very bulky and heavy. I gave my Defender case to my good friend he has big hands so it looks fine when he uses it. 

When I got wind (on twitter of course) that the local distributor was selling a new series of OB cases. I went ahead and got one. Full disclosure I got a 10% off because I knew the distributor. 

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Description, Photos, Pricing:

(photos from OtterBox Reflex Series for iPhone4 page)

This a two piece case, with hard plastic and rubber, recessed screen keeps that glass screen from the surface. the top and bottom fit and locks well, although it is very tight with a screen protector. There is some concern that it may scratch the device itself. I chose to keep my protector on. Price is PhP 2,500 (subject to change w/o prior notice)

After a week plus of use here is my bulleted pro & con list:


  • Thinner than the defender series
  • Lighter than the defender series
  • Easy to remove lower portion for easy docking 
  • Rubber areas to absorb shock
  • Good balance of weight, bulk, and protection


  • Case could cause scratches on glass and on the metal band surrounding phone while installing or removing any top or lower part. I remove cases often (I have a mophie juicepack air when I run low on batt. Proceed with caution.
  • Cut outs are too small for dock connector (Apple official - ok, Belkin - ok, Griffin - not ok) removing the bottom to dock is ok, but removing to charge via cable is not.
  • Cut outs for headset jack too small / deep (Belkin retractable 3.5mm jack - not ok)
  • A bit slippery 


Recommended with reservations. Overall I am not happy with the case. To be fair I think my use case is a bit abnormal, I use multiple cables for charging and music (note: All Apple Accessories fit well, 3rd party is hit or miss though), I remove cases to use a battery extender when not near a charger. However if you get this case and rarely need to remove either top or bottom part you should be ok. I will be using this case until my LifeProof case arrives or I get tired of removing either parts when the cable I pull-out suddenly doesn't fit, I must admit it is getting old after a week and change. 


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