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Ron Paul on #Libya House Bills... #NoAgenda

Listening to NoAgenda 316 over here in Gitmo Nation Mango (Philippines) in the morning... and I hear Cong. Ron Paul (TX) make sense again! HOW DARE YOU SIR! 

How dare you call out Warbama on his illegal war on Libya (oh wait it's not a war because there are no boots on the ground, except specialists, cia, contractors and daily predator drone bombing runs which are in the air). 

By passing both bills the house would have inadvertently given the Nobel Peace Prize winning Obama approval to do war in Libya w/ restrictions and exceptions. In March, Obama told congress it will only take days not weeks. 

The irony: The first African American president is actually bombing Africa (Libya is in North Africa) and is saying US is not at war. 

Ron_Paul_on_Libya.wmv Watch on Posterous

The clip is taken from here

Again, I wish we had a Ron Paul in the Philippines, I also must save up some $$ to donate to


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