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Aquino vs Marcos: energizer bunny of political feuds that keeps humping, humping, humping the nation.

Marcos issue is a recurring national distraction. 

PNoy is pro-reconciliation but NOT w/ Marcos. Magdalo, NPA, MILF (aka criminals) are pardoned or brought to the negotiating table and yet a dead president will not be allowed to be laid to rest? He may not forgive Marcos but he MUST allow the burial just to move this country forward. He must rise above his personal issues and do this for the nation.

Do we have a law that allows a President to withhold rights to a citizen? Marcos is a Filipino citizen, veteran, ex-President are his human rights not relevant anymore because he is deceased? Does the president even have the right to stop the burial. Being a dick-tator when he was alive should be irrelevant to his right to get buried in his country, shouldn't it?

What is stopping the Marcos clan from bringing home his remains? Will it be blocked in NAIA? The Marcoses are gaining a lot of media mileage (positive or negative doesn't really matter it's still mind share) every time this issue is brought to light.

Sentimental EDSA folk say that burying Marcos in the country will tarnish the sacrifice. Why? He is dead, you are alive and free. 

I am beginning to think that this issue is being floated on purpose to distract my fellow residents of Gitmo Nation Mango. 

It's full of drama and Filipino's love drama. What issues are being swept under the rug because this age old feud between two political families is being left conveniently unresolved (on purpose)? 


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