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Review // Microsoft Lumia 535

Photo 1-11-15, 10 05 37 AM

If you're a returning reader you know that I was heavy into PocketPC / Windows Mobile before jumping to iOS & Android.

I have been having issues with the RedMi 1S messaging app always crashing, and I have always been curious on how far Microsoft has come after they reset their mobile device program. So the prodigal user returns... 

A (few days) few weeks ago I decided to purchase a Microsoft Lumia 535 Dual SIM. Yes, you read that correctly: Microsoft Lumia, not Nokia.

Product page:

The orange color was not in stock so I went with boring black. Price ₱ 5,990.00 (US$ 133). 

The display is 5in with a resolution of qHD (960 x 540), IPS LCD, all in all it’s ok.

The finish feels plasticky and slippery. I suggest you get a case, speaking of cases, I can't find any in both Greenhills and Megamall. Goes the same for screen protectors, so I had to get stuff from eBay, which will take up to a month or more to arrive. This is to be expected for a non-popular device, still annoying. 

Removing the back cover is quite cumbersome be careful when doing this. 

Photo 1-11-15, 12 04 50 PM

SIM1: Work number - client Calls & SMS & SIM2: Smart personal number -  Data & MicroSDHC card slot

Photo 1-11-15, 12 06 41 PM

Out of the box, after initial setup I did a software update.


Setting up the device is quite easy and so far I have had no issues with contacts, calendars, or email. GMail, iCloud, Outlook (work and personal) are all working fine. 

Photo 1-16-15, 4 57 55 PM

The Software… Windows Phone is a nice operating system. I especially like the live tiles…

The software is responsive and intuitive and I have had no problems adjusting between iOS / MIUI / WindowsPhone.

I like the built in apps and the Lumia apps

Windows Store

Since this is going to be a work phone all I needed was the communication apps (Telegram, Whatsapp, Viber), also Expensify.

I did try to play Star Wars Commander on it and the graphics had some stuttering.

Get a higher spec device if you want to game.

Photos and Videos

Of course it pales in comparison to the 6+, again get a higher spec device if you want better photos.

Verdict: At this price point, this is a very capable secondary device. I really am enjoying using it as a work phone. Was impressed with Windows Phone and how smooth it is, I do hope Microsoft continues to improve on it.

If you want better photos, videos and gaming better get a higher spec device.

Here are some comparison shots:

Lumia 535 vs MI3W and vs iPhone 6+

Photo 1-11-15, 12 30 36 PMPhoto 1-11-15, 12 46 07 PM


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