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OH: kailangan ho, I-reformat yun PC //cc: @talk2Globe @enjoyGlobe

Kailangan ho, I-reformat yun PC (You're computer needs to be reformatted)

Overheard this conversation while I was waiting for my replacement sim card at Globe Business Center SM Marikina City.

The customer is clearly not tech savvy so it falls to the company in this case Globe Telecom to extend customer support to services being paid for.

The knee jerk reaction of the customer let's call her Mrs. A was to call the hotline and when the issue was not fixed she trooped down to Globe Business Center.

It so happened that we sat beside each other at the CSR counter. Clearly Mrs. A was very frustrated and she wanted her service cut. The CSR threatened her with a 5000 peso ETF (Early termination fee). Wow. Naturally, Mrs. A backpedalled and ask them to fix it. This is when I heard the CSR say the computer should be reformatted.

I could not sit and let this travesty go on so I said. You don't reformat the PC you reformat the modem or router, then set it up again. I also added never reformat the PC unless absolutely necessary. It is the last resort for this sort of issue. The CSR gave me the stink eye and proceeded to make a service request for Mrs. A a tech has been assigned to go to her home within 3 days. I hope the person they send is more competent. Mrs. A then thanked me and not the rep before leaving.

Any CSR who tells a customer to reformat their computer bec the dsl modem & router is not working should be kicked in the gonads

Reformat is not the only solution. The customer is paying for services and in good standing why take them through an ordeal? It's lazy, incompetent and will probably not solve the issue. Poor form Ms. Globe business center CSR.


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