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HP to buy palm for 1.2B

Ok so hp is going to buy palm for 1.2B... It's good to know that palm
& webOS may still survive. To be honest I was very interested in
webOS... But palm hasn't been doing too well with their new OS. flaky
hardware, weak marketing, and strong competition have pecked on my
interest for palm's offerings.Hoping hp will continue to use and develop webOS and finally get back
into the mobile device space. Hp can use webOS for smartphones and

Ringtone // Nothing But You (Super8 & Tab Mix)

This track is one of my all time faves… Really liking this new mix by Super8 & Tab so I made it a ringtone. I hope you like it. MP3 // M4R

Bye Bye Hero / Hello Again Treo Pro

Pecking out this blog post on my trusty Treo Pro. Yep back to familiar Windows Mobile 6.1, I sold my HTC Hero to a friend. Enjoyed my short stint with Android (approx. 3.5 months) but there's nothing like the comfort of your first smartphone OS. Still not sure if I will stick w/ Windows Mobile or try out Windows Phone 7 (when it is released later this year).

4th Gen iPhone Outed by Gizmodo

Twitter and the interwebs was a buzz as the 4th Gen iPhone was outed a few days back. Head on over to Gizmodo to view the pics and read up on it.It looks like it’s the real deal my only complaint is the move to micro SIM. Unless all mobile device manufacturers and mobile phone operators are moving to this standard. It’s simple when your iPhone runs out of juice you will not be able to easily move the different NON-STANDARD sized micro SIM to another device. As I said on twitter. micro SIM = dick move by Apple.I am also growing suspicious about the whole thing (i.e. how the device was left in a bar etc etc) the story does seem like it’s orchestrated but I will give the Giz crew the benefit of the doubt. I also don’t think they should’ve released the guy’s name to the public,

Ringtone // Alpha 9 – Bliss

Alpha 9 – Bliss (Alpha 9 Club Mix) MP3 // M4R

Apple Removes Convert to AAC/MP3 from iTunes

I have been using this feature to create AAC files (M4A) renaming them to M4R to make Ringtones for the iPhone. With Apple’s newest (still bloated) version of iTunes they have removed this feature. It really pisses me off when companies remove functionality which was there for so long and which was very very useful. Does anyone know of a way to convert MP3s to AAC (preferably for free)? I would like to keep on making ringtones for the iPhone.

Apple Care for iPhone = Bull Shit

This past week I was on the phone with Globe and my friend who
operates an authorized Apple repair center. I was calling of course
for my only Apple product, the iPhone.So I got my 16Gb iPhone 3GS in August 2009 from Hong Kong because I
prefer my mobiles unlocked. I then decided to purchase Apple Care
which extends my warranty till 2011.So that's 6500HKD + 520HKDRight now my battery life is really really crappy. I am pretty sure
Apple care covers the battery.I also have hairline cracks on the device which have caused the
protruding part of the SIM card tray to break.  Quite irritating. I am
not sure if Apple care covers this but I am hoping it does.So here's where the crap begins:Local (Philippines) repair centers are NOT authorized to open iPhones
because Globe is the official carrier partner. Globe doesn't want
anything to do with my iPhone because I did not purchase it from them.I had heard good things mostly praises for Apple support and how they
stand by their products. So I sp…

Review|Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly

Author: Anthony Bourdain
Narrated by: Anthony Bourdain

I must admit that I am a huge fan of the cooking world's bad boy tv host, chef, author and foodie: Anthony Bourdain. Listening to this account of his experiences and philosophies was very enjoyable. I highly recommend you read (or listen) to it. Here is an excerpt from the book...
Vegetarians are the enemy of everything good and decent in the human spirit, and an affront to all I stand for, the pure enjoyment of food.Bourdain has a knack for being very descriptive and I think he is a great story teller. The audiobook is much more enjoyable because it is narrated by the chef himself. I also like how he likens Emeril to an Ewok... BAM!

Get the audiobook here (Audible)