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Review|Ramen Bar

The menu is a bit sparse and from the name they specialize in ramen. They have a few small dishes. I ordered the Kakuni Buns which is actually Char Siu (Chasyu) Cua Pao it has a very tasty sauce, the pork was tender juicy and thick. It was drizzled with mayonnaise. I had it scraped off. Who the fuck puts mayo on a cuapao anyway? 180 bucks for 2 buns well worth it except for the mayo.
I also tried the Karaage which is fried boneless chicken. 3 big pieces tasty and not dry but I don't think 155 is the proper price tag.
Clearly this place is on the expensive side. Which is curious because they use the cheapest kind of disposable chopsticks. The least you could do is get higher quality disposable chopsticks.
For the ramen I decided toniest the Super Chasyu Ramen P380. This was the most disappointing dish of the whole meal. I will go into the 3 components I look at in ramen.
Toppings – the chasyu slices were 1/4 the thickness of the chasyu in the kakuni bun. a lot of slices but very thin. they tasted good but I felt cheated.
Noodles – not good, there was very little bite to it, and it felt over cooked. Good noodles must have good taste but more importantly for me texture.
Soup – the broth was good but not as good as Ukkokei Ramen Ron’s
As for the place it was well lit, nice high ceiling, good AC.
Verdict: the chasyu was tasty the ramen which was supposed to be the specialty was not very good, and over priced.  If you want great ramen go to Ukkokei Ramen Ron instead


  1. Having been to Ukkokei Ramen Ron, I have to say that I've yet to eat at a place with anything close to the ramen they serve there.

  2. Hey Jay. Ukkokei is on top for me as well.


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