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HTC London Event 15-Sep-2010

HTC just wrapped their event in London. So what did the Taiwanese based smartphone maker show this time?

For starters they showed off the way way way more powerful HTC Sense. The custom UI they lay on top of Android (and WindowsMobile not WindowsPhone7)

Things that grabbed my attention:

Maps caching (no more waiting to download maps as you navigate... might save on data cost if you do it before your trip over wifi)

Phone Locator

Remote Wipe

Web Access to your phone

Two new Android devices (a shame there were no WindowsPhone7 devices)

HTC Desire Z



HTC Desire HD



Looks like HTC wants to differentiate itself even more from the multitudes of Android devices out there by improving HTC sense. I think HTC sense is the best overlay or skin for Android at the moment, by adding more widgets and functionality they are not only making Android UI nice to look at but easy to use as well.

Ambitious? Yes.

But how does it work IRL? we will have to wait and see how these services are executed not only on the web and device but also in the locale.

These devices go on sale in Europe next month, and probably Asia soon thereafter.

Images & Specs from MoDaCo Android Section (follow: @paulobrien)


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