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Bny VS Food

Lunch @ Rock Inn

Review|Log Cabin Restaurant

Tonight's menu:Special Liver Pate
Cream of Squash w/ Bacon
Roast Pork w/ Apple Sauce
Fresh Beans & Greens with Smoked Bacon
Choice of Wheat Bread or Sourdough Wheat Dread
Pansit with Chicken & Fresh VeggiesFood was good but not great.
Ambiance was very very nice.
Service was superb.Worth the visit.

The 6:09AM Blog Post

Haven't slept yet so this post may contain typographical errors &
other crap sleep deprived, and angry bloggers may write. You have been
warned.Been poking around VLC media player to try and convert some movies
(AVI format) to something playable on the iPhone. Mainly to have stuff
to watch during our upcoming trip to Sagada. Should've been a fairly
easy task except for the fact that PLDT DSL crapped out again & I
couldn't get software to make things easier.Now for my rant... (slow clap naman diyan)I am not saying I am without fault. I have a very very quick temper, a
sharp tongue that I'm sure irks a lot of people here as well. I also
admit that I am a person with an elevated level of pride. I am trying
my best to change. Although sometimes (or often) I tend to let my
emotions get the best of me, I often hear that I am insensitive, rude,
moody and even anti-social because of my bluntness. But I am trying to
change: people have you sandboxed me beca…

The 4:30AM Blog Post

Woke up around 4AM couldn't get back to sleep. Saying I have a lot on
my mind would be a massive understatement.It's been a rough week (I won't bore you with the details) suffice to
say on a scale of 1 to 10 (w/ 10 being the highest), this would be a 3.It's not all bad though. I heard a lot of good advise, words of
encouragement, and had a chance to be with good company.Tomorrow (and hopefully the rest of the week) will be better.Kim Chan, Ritchie Chan, and of course JORRRSSS. Thanks from the bottom
of my belly este heart pala. You're all awesome & I feel blessed to
have awesome friends like you!-PS Direk Kim! Picture this: Lie Down @ Banawe Rice Terraces (1 of the
7th wonders of the world)! Now that would be EPIC! Come with us to
Sagada na if wala kang work.Sent from my iPhone

iPhone 3GS Week 01

Ok so I got a fruitphone in HKG last weekend, I got a 16Gb white one because black was out of stock. Here are a few of my observations.Sync – contact fields from outlook are not sync'd completely… BOO!Uptime – battery drains very very fast. Right now I have turned of fetch, 3G, and brightness is at 1/8thTemp – the device gets warm very fast too.Camera/Video – pretty good, I like how you can edit the video you captured. It would be better if Apple allowed editing without destroying the original video.iTunes – I like being able to DL apps/games directly to the device. Input – still getting the hang of this. I am deleting less & letting the built-in auto correct do it’s thing.------Right now: I am using it with my SUN Cellular SIM card.