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Unsolicited Advice to Microsoft & the WM7 Team

I have been using WindowsMobile since 2001 back then it was called pocketpc. WindowsMobile is one of the most versatile and powerful OS out there but it always gets a bad rep in the consumer's mind. TBH it does have a higher learning curve and most people get lost using the OS but once you master it, it is a joy to use.

I think Microsoft dropped the ball on this one. To me they never took the mobile market that they were leading in seriously. When palmOS went away to die WM became the premier smartphone OS but Microsoft got cocky and now that other modern mobile OS are in play they have become a less and less popular platform. WM is very dated. It needs a refresh. They need to make it approriate for today's smartphone market. Here's some unsolicited advice from a WM fanboi.

#1 scrap standard concentrate on professional. You don't need two flavors of the same OS.

#2 be strict with hardware requirements. We do not need underpowered devices that will mess up WM's already faltering image. We don't need 8 different resolutions pick 1 or 2 if necessary. This will make it easier for devs to make apps and strengthen the 3rd party app ecosystem. This will also help #4

#3 UI should be simple, clean and be finger, stylus, keyboard friendly (all 3). The less taps needed the better. The UI should be good enough that OEMs don't need to put a shell over it. Shiny is nice but I want something fast and efficient.

#4 bypass carriers and Manufacturers and provide free or paid updates directly. It will be tough with all the different hardware configurations but you need to get this done. Roll out fixes and features at least every 6 months.

#5 Integration: zune and xbox should be on the OS. Media and gaming are important for the consumer market.

#6 multi-tasking should be better. Consider adding a limit of 3 user run apps not including the native applications of course.

#7 stop changing names it confuses people.

Microsoft and the WM team certainly have their work cut-out for them WM7 should slay or they might not be able to grab the consumer market again and might be relegated to an enterprise OS. I wouldn't want that, WM may not be the prettiest OS out there but it sure is powerful.

It is WindowsMobile's time in the wilderness. I am hoping WM comes back better than ever.


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