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[TOD] Wednesday - In Da HOUSE with bnycastro

As some of you may know I'm a member of [a content site for mobile phones] I used to do theming for Nokias, Sony Ericssons, Windows Mobile PocketPC + Smartphones, Wallpapers and also dabbled in tones. I've since stopped theming and am now a member of MoS [Masters of Sound] a ringtone makers group at m9.
I've volunteered my services in one of our new projects called Tone of the Day or TOD for short. Members of MoS are assigned 1 day and a genre to work with. He/She then uploads their choice for TOD, simple!
Here is the thread for my day Wednesday as you can see from the title I opted to get house music:
TOD [Tone of the Day] Wednesday - In Da HOUSE with bnycastro
Here is a link to my homesite where you can find my other work [including the themes, wallpapers and tones mentioned above]. To be able to download from m9 you need to register, but don't worry registration is free. If you like my work you can click the Thank Me button on my homesite:
My Homesite on m9
If you have suggestions for [TOD] Wednesday - In Da HOUSE with bnycastro just drop me an email or comment on this post, and as the House Heads say: In House We Trust.


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