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Review // X-Men Days of Future Past (2014)

X-Men Days of Future Past (2014) [IMDb]


In the future mutants be dying!!! Dismemberment, burned, stabbed, melted. Very violent deaths. Good to see familiar mutants but half of the dying people I did not know. Parents use your best judgement. 

Kitty Pride has a new power (invented for this movie?) which projects someone's consciousness to the past. And this is where the story is hitched. Flimsy, but hey it's a comic book movie. 

Huge Jackman (did he & Chris Evans finish all the steroids in Hollywood?) who plays the most popular mutant of all. The Wolverine is sent back in time to fix things. Also ladies get to see his butt. Jackman is great as The Wolverine. 

Back in 1970's Professor X is a junkie. Magneto is in prison. So Logan has to get both in shape to find Mystique/Raven and this is where we are introduced to Marvel's Flash rip-off, Quicksilver. I really liked the Quicksilver scene. Best action scene in the film. 

Surprisingly, Professor X (McAvoy) really gets over Magneto (Fastbender) crippling him almost instantly. Just as fast Magneto turns on his protege and tries to kill Mystique/Raven to ensure the survival of mutant-kind. Jennifer Lawrence is a central character in this movie and is the key to this time travel plan being a success. 

Bolivar Trask portrayed by Peter Dinklage is the creator of the Sentinels. I think he did well in his part. He is an amazing actor. 

The past sentinels looked really cool. The future sentinels look like the Asgardian robot from Thor. Even with very similar flame face super attack. I think Fox studios was trying to steal a little thunder from Marvel studios. You betcha that's why this is not only a super team movie but two super team movies (past & future) 

How the hell is Magneto able to command Plastic Sentinels by putting metal from railroads into them? Sure he can manipulate them but command them? Can magnetism reprogram robots now? He floats a stadium assaults the White House and of course Xavier et al arrive to help out. Wolverine gets taken out by Magneto. Bing bang boom, it ends up with Mystique making the choice on killing Nixon or not. And of course she makes the choice that changes everything. Xavier allows Magneto to flee. We get a weird scene when Striker goes to retrieve Wolverine from the bottom of a river but it was revealed that it's Mystique. 

Now we go back to the future and all is well. Everyone is alive! Even Jean Gray & Scott Summers (Cyclops), I swear Oakley cyclops shades get more ridiculous with each movie. It is terrible! 


Now we go to the post credit scene: we go to Egypt, and a crowd is chanting En Sabah Nur as a hooded figure seems to be building pyramids, presumably with mutant powers. A little Google-fu reveals this to be APOCALYPSE [wikipedia]


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