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Microsoft Lumia 650 Dual SIM

Ever since my Lumia 535 got stolen, I have been slumming it with the Lumia 532. I had my eye on the Lumia 650 but unfortunately, Microsoft decided to bail on mobiles for now, and as per the Microsoft Store in SM Megamall, the device would not be sold locally. Both the Lumia 950 and 950XL were very tempting but out of my budget range. Bummer.

I still preferred to use Windows 10 Mobile for work and initially I tried to order it via Microsoft's US Store but they don't accept credit cards issued in the Philippines. So I hit eBay and actually got the device including shipping at a lower price, all in I spent less than 9000Php for this device. For the price, the device looks and feels great!
Microsoft Lumia 650 in hand

Specs: Microsoft Lumia 650 (MSFT website)

I got it in black and opted for the Dual SIM variant. It takes nano size SIM cards there's no need for adapters on this one. Like my previous Lumias, it has a microSD expansion slot, I have a 16Gb card in at the moment. I also noticed that this device has NFC, I don't have programmable tags with me at the moment but I was able to pair my Plantronics Voyager Edge headset via NFC, and check my Octopus card balance with an app I got from the Windows 10 Store.
with the battery out, sim cards, sd card slightly out
An added bonus: since my device is from the USA, I get to use Microsoft's Reset Protection (Activation Lock clone), makes me wonder why devices sold outside the USA don't have this important feature on by default.
Find My Phone + Reset Protection
Here are some more photos of the device...
Packaging is simple. Includes the phone, battery, and charger. No wired headset.

Lumia 650 front, first boot
Thinner than expected, the metal frame is a nice touch.

I have been using this for about a week and I am really happy with my purchase. I would not recommend this device if you are way into the Apple or Android ecosystems. However, if you are a Microsoftie like me it's a nice and affordable mobile to keep in the loop with Windows Mobile 10.


  1. Did you pay tax for it? If its 9000 it should be free. -by

    1. I think I paid for shipping only. It came direct to the house not the post office. 😁


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