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Project: NetBook NAS on hold :-(

NAS4Free on Wind U123H, the old clunker stopped charging this morning.
Remember NetBooks? Yeah, those cheap Intel ATOM driven mini-notebooks... Well I still have one lying around, an MSI Wind U123H. I upgraded it from Windows 7 to 10 during the free period, but since it is about 9 yo hardware it isn't running so well.

I've decided to re-purpose the Wind into a NAS or Networked Attached Storage. I want to use it as a Network Backup location for both Time Machine and Windows Backup, and maybe explore Media Server functions as well. Basically, I just felt the hardware was just gathering dust and wanted to do something more.

I took out the 240Gb Toshiba 5400rpm with Windows 10, and plunked in the 500Gb Seagate Momentus 5400rpm that I had lying around.

I was able to finally get it installed in a USB, early this morning around 1 AM. I decided it was time to shutdown the machine and call it a night.

So this morning I noticed that the MSI Wind wasn't charging, I tried plugging it to different outlets but no such luck... It was working ok the night before. I do hope it is just the power brick and not something inside the Wind.

The 9-cell battery is fully charged, but I am not sure when I will be able to bring the Wind to a computer shop to have it looked over. So I shutdown the machine and swapped in the HDD with Windows 10.

So I guess this NetBook NAS project will be put on hold for the meantime. Bah!


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