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Sony Pictures Entertainment Hack

FBI blames North Korea. But IP address can be spoofed. Malware code can be bought, modified and reused. Korean on the code is not the dialect spoken in NK. No solid evidence.

No mention of "The Interview" in the 1st weeks of the hack. Hard coded passwords and paths in the attack code and thousands of layoffs earlier in the year, point to an inside job, not an attack by "always evil" NK. When this happened it was clear that revenge was the motivation not stopping a dumb movie, the interview only came into play when lame-stream media made the connection.

US spinning this as a state sponsored threat against corporations so the companies are forced to get in bed with intelligence agencies on data sharing.

Listen to: NO AGENDA SHOW #679 and #680 for excellent deconstruction
Read: Why the Sony hack is unlikely to be the work of North Korea.


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