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iOS 7 Beta 1: First Impressions

Coming up on about a week with the iOS7 Beta 1 and it has been very buggy for me. Right now I can't go back because iTunes decided to overwrite my iOS6 backup with an iOS7 backup, I don't want to start from scratch. So I am waiting for iOS7 to get done.  I am patient it is a beta after all.


I get random reboots.
Something went wrong with App Updates and updated apps are still listed in app updates
Some Apps crash on launch.
Reminders app crashes when I try to create a new task.
I like the new command control center (copied from Android) although I wish they had a way to toggle cellular data ala Android.
I do not like that they forced to change some of the icons (see the Assistive Touch icons look horrible)
They removed the letter guide when scrolling thru contacts I hope they add it back. 
I like iTunes Radio (US account only for now)
I like the parallax effect
I like the drag down to search the device
Siri still not recognizing any better, Google still does a better job IMO.
Battery life is no better for me (I blame our lousy telco signal still)
Some of the UI elements like the color palette needs a lot of improvement. 
Some fonts and status icons are 'ghosting'
I have not been able to test AirDrop (it is not working with OSX and I need a 2nd device with iOS7 to test)

I think this is the most un-polished beta I have every tried (and I have been installing betas for quite a few iOS releases already). still it is good that Apple is trying to refresh their mobile OS, it's familiar and I am sure people will not have any major problems moving to it. There are no surprises just a face-lift (for now at least) it still needs a lot of work and I do hope they get their visual design and UI people in-front of this to really polish the OS. 

Beta 2 cannot come to soon, we should expect a lot of smashed bugs and hopefully a lot more polish. I do not recommend installing iOS7 beta 1, let us guinea pigs do the testing for you, wait for Gold Master.


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