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SMART International Roaming Deposit is GONE... hooray we (the consumers) won!

SMART International Roaming Deposit is GONE... hooray we (the consumers) won!

I don't know when this happened but I am sure glad it did! SMART has gotten get rid of this discriminatory, anti-consumer, flat-out-unfair, exploitative International Roaming Deposit policy. I have written about this before (and some more) which culminated in me settling my balance and closing my account with SMART for good.
Food for thought: were did the interest for all those deposits go? did they credit those back to customers as well or did they spend it on Ramon Bautista's TF for this hilarious switching video? 

This comes as good news for me personally because... I am re-evaluating my current mobile subscription with Globe and most of us (subscribers) would say that it has been shitty for months. Globe has scheduled network improvements thru Q4 2012 but who has the patience to wait? Now that SMART has done away with IRD, I can seriously consider their network again as my service provider.

For those keeping score...
1997 - 2006 = 9yrs = Globe
2006 - 2010 = 4yrs = Smart
2010 - present =  2yrs and counting = Globe
I am considering getting a freedom plan from SMART or sticking with my 1,799 monthly plan with Globe and see if they can get their act together.

I would congratulate SMART for getting rid of the IRD policy, but for the simple fact that it should never have been implemented in the first place.


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