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Got this free at @Starbucks Bluewave Marquinton

The good: they are giving it away before it goes bad. The bad: it's Starbucks coffee. Still thank you! 

8oz Black Coffee

Taken at Starbucks Bluewave Marquinton

Honey glazed donut #foodspotting

Taken at Starbucks Bluewave Marquinton

Hedonist with a conscience: seek pleasure, but don't be a 8==D or {()} about it.

I've always heard the statement:Gusto ko lang naman maging masaya, (I just want to be happy) Lahat naman ng tao may karapatan maging masaya (everyone has the right to be happy)While those are intrinsically true they are being used wrongly. When these pair of statements are used to justify a wrong doing because a person's moral compass is so skewed that they actually out argued their own common sense, and/or sense of decency to justify a misdeed.Given enough rope (and time) any idiot can hang himself. So if you spend enough time "chewing the fat" and expend enough thought cycles, you will probably be able to get around all the moral barriers to arrive at the conclusion that you were justified in your wrongdoing. Guilt and shame which are normally also deterrents become easy prey to a person who is hell bent on satisfying him or herself. Seek pleasure, but don't be a 8==D or {()} about it.

My @Timberland_PH Packable Benton Jacket

Got a new jacket because monsoon season is upon our merry little islands. It's waterproof & breathable and it folds into a neat bag (pillow). It comes with a carabiner so you can hang it on your bag (I intend on putting it inside my vest) This way I am ready for rain or sleep! Like:

The office of the president can't afford to spell check before posting?

Set 21: Peaches & Plums

Tonic water #foodspotting

Taken at BQ Bar+Bistro

Lamb Dumpling Noodle Soup #chinese #dinner #foodspotting

Taken at Kanzhu Hand-Pulled Noodles

I <3 Instapaper

If you find yourself looking at tons of sites nay if you are on the internet. I suggest you get an Instapaper account. I find it particularly useful when I am on twitter (or when I am on a very slow connection). This way I can save pages I want to look at them later. Basically Instapaper is a service which saves links and shows them sans formatting. Which means it will consume less data. Content is king and with Instapaper it is content which is front and center, of course you can visit the original site with a simple click / tap. It's a very good multi-platform bookmark service.After creating your account you can make a Read Later button so you can add web pages to your Instapaper via the browser. As you can see I have Instapaper pinned on Google Chrome (yes I am a chrome puff) this way whatever I save on my iPhone will show up once I start Chrome. Whatever I tag for later in Chrome will also show up in the Instapaper iOS app. They have an iPhone App, th…

Today's lock screen

I saw this on some t-shirt site.

Eggs Benedict #breakfast #foodspotting

Taken at Coffeebean and Tea Leaf

Mueller CTS splint


Marikina City - Random

2pc Jollibee Burgersteak #foodspotting

Taken at Jollibee

If your @enjoyGlobe SIM card stops working #protip

My Globe SIM card croaked at around 9AM today. To troubleshoot I used a different SIM card on my iPhone4 and used the defective SIM card with a different phone. I also asked fellow Globe subscribers in the area and asked Globe via twitter or if there was a service interruption in my area. Once it was established that it was the SIM card that was defective. So I trooped on to the nearest business center. When I was at Globe Business Center. The CSR wanted to charge me for the replacement of my SIM card. I protested and insisted that it be free because I did not tamper with the defective card. Also get confirmation on when the SIM card will become active. In my case the CSR said it would be up by 30mins, I put it in at about 45mins and the SIM card was already working. If you're sim card suddenly stops working have it replaced but insist on waiving the fee. No need to pay if you're not at fault.

OH: kailangan ho, I-reformat yun PC //cc: @talk2Globe @enjoyGlobe

Kailangan ho, I-reformat yun PC (You're computer needs to be reformatted) Overheard this conversation while I was waiting for my replacement sim card at Globe Business Center SM Marikina City. The customer is clearly not tech savvy so it falls to the company in this case Globe Telecom to extend customer support to services being paid for. The knee jerk reaction of the customer let's call her Mrs. A was to call the hotline and when the issue was not fixed she trooped down to Globe Business Center. It so happened that we sat beside each other at the CSR counter. Clearly Mrs. A was very frustrated and she wanted her service cut. The CSR threatened her with a 5000 peso ETF (Early termination fee). Wow. Naturally, Mrs. A backpedalled and ask them to fix it. This is when I heard the CSR say the computer should be reformatted. I could not sit and let this travesty go on so I said. You don't reformat the PC you reformat the modem or router, then set it up again. I also added never…

Steam Kailan w/ Oyster Sauce #vegan #foodspotting

Taken at Hai SM Marikina

Bola bola siopao #sideorder #foodspotting

Taken at Hai SM Marikina

Beef & Shrimp dumplings braised noodles #foodspotting

Taken at Hai SM Marikina

Party now, pay later

Is everyone's favorite anthropomorphized bee encouraging Filipinos to borrow money to celebrate (ala Fiestas in small barrios)? Certainly this is a blow to the shackles of spending within your means. Photo was taken at: Jollibee E. Rodriguez Drive Thru

Western breakfast - Frankfurter & Scrambled Egg w/ Toast

Taken at UCC Vienna Cafe

Typhoon CHEDENG (SONGDA) as of 25-May-2011 8AM PHT & 72HR Forecast

I'm @having Chicken Joy, Palabok, Iced Tea, Arcoxia 90mg #breakfast

Shakey's Tropical Bacon #foodspotting

Taken at Shakey's Shaw 500

Shakey's Belly Buster #foodspotting

Taken at Shakey's Shaw 500

Shakey's Chicken & Chips #foodspotting

Taken at Shakey's Shaw 500

Treo Pro cable finally gave out

Changes to Twitter E-mail Notifications

if you interact a lot on twitter you may get flooded with emails. head over to this link: customize your settings. I wished they made this opt in instead of opt out by default. would also be good if they implemented a digest version (i.e. daily summary of your RTs or your tweets getting Faves) this could be a good metric especially for accounts that use twitter as a marketing tool etc.

Replacing the cartridge

Got this at planet sports. More info at:

I'm @having hototay soup #foodspotting

Taken at Max's Liberty Park

I'm @having half family size chicken

Taken at Max's Liberty Park

Still seeing this error...

Still seeing this error even w/ latest drivers from ACER

iPhone4 up time #testing

7:30am to 3:44pm (to reach 10% low batt warning) WiFi, 3G, Push Email, Push Notifications - select apps, 50% brightness + auto, zero phone calls, about 6 SMS, normal use (checking games & tweeting very light surfing).Doesn't even last thru a work day!

I'm @having Kopi Bun, Tea, Siomai #foodspotting

Taken at Kopi Roti

I'm @having orange flavor twin popsy

Strawberries set Wk 20 #PocketFrogs

Set complete!

I'm @having Porko #foodspotting

Taken at Brooklyn Pizza

I'm @having passion yakult w/ pearls #foodspotting

Taken at Serenitea

Today's #protip: Hide posts from people spreading #Facebook #SPAM

The term "friends" is liberally applied when you are on a social network like Facebook. I've said multiple times that Facebook is training people in bad web practices. I also noticed a lot of SPAM being spread via status updates and wall posts. Now if your "friend" is dumb enough to click on a SPAM link the thing to do is hide the posts from that person. This way you don't see the stupid content and you also have less chance of click these malicious links. Keep in mind you can also un-friend or block.  This also works with over share people like moi. If you think I am sending too many status updates please hide my updates or un-friend or block me. I won't hold it against you. Right now I have 41 people that I've removed from my feed (I don't keep count of people I un-friend or block tho)

More #Facebook #SPAM

I have been seeing this a lot on facebook. It has all the hallmarks of spam. Pls don't click it. 

Set B & Siomai #breakfast #foodspotting

Taken at Kopi Roti

My 2D glasses are here

Next time I'm forced to watch horrible 3D, I will be ready.

Got my password reset email but the link says PSN is still out. Toink!

Parcel Notice from Post Office

Parcel for me! I hope it's my 2D glasses or could it be my Tritonal - Piercing the Quiet CD? will wake up early tomorrow to get my package or may be ask the driver to get it if he's not swamped.

I'm @having some kind of cake w/ nuts

Taken at Stefano Footwear Corporation

Review // Rex Mundi feat Susana - Nothing At All

Susana ( has one of the more distinct and powerful voices in EDM. She's worked with a lot of big time Trance producers.Her work with Rex Mundi ( on this track is amazing. I am loving this track's powerful vocals, this is a definite vocal trance classic. So far my favorite mix is the Elevation Remix, followed by the Funabashi Uplifting Mix. I first heard this track on sir Armin van Buuren's A State of Trance podcast it's been included in tons "Best of" compilations. A definite mainstay on anyone's trance playlist. You can listen to samples and purchase from audiojelly here

I'm @having tapsilog w/ side order of longganisa

Taken at Tapsi Ni Vivian At Bulaluhan