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GOOG+ Circles: and then there were five!


Circles reminds me of this nursery song... (bear drawing song) 

smal circle, small circle big circle (eyes n face)
small circle, small circle big circle (two small holes and a bigger circle to make up the snout)
this is the boat we're going to ride on (a smiling mouth)
here's mama, here's papa (half circles for ears) waving goodbye (make small half circles inside each ear)
six times six (one six and an opposit facing six to make the arms) is thirty six (fingers on the hand) 
six times six (one six and an opposit facing one) makes magic (the ^ that connects these sixes)

Decided to cut down my GOOG+ circles from 12 to 5 (not including blocked people). I added a leading number so it would be easier to remember when posting. Lower number means more access. Add me to one of your circles:


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