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Review|Ramen Bar

The menu is a bit sparse and from the name they specialize in ramen. They have a few small dishes. I ordered the Kakuni Buns which is actually Char Siu (Chasyu) Cua Pao it has a very tasty sauce, the pork was tender juicy and thick. It was drizzled with mayonnaise. I had it scraped off. Who the fuck puts mayo on a cuapao anyway? 180 bucks for 2 buns well worth it except for the mayo.
I also tried the Karaage which is fried boneless chicken. 3 big pieces tasty and not dry but I don't think 155 is the proper price tag.
Clearly this place is on the expensive side. Which is curious because they use the cheapest kind of disposable chopsticks. The least you could do is get higher quality disposable chopsticks.
For the ramen I decided toniest the Super Chasyu Ramen P380. This was the most disappointing dish of the whole meal. I will go into the 3 components I look at in ramen.
Toppings – the chasyu slices were 1/4 the thickness of the chasyu in the kakuni bun. a lot of slices but very …

Going Legit

So a few weeks back I decided to finally go legit on all the programs I use on my computer. I’ve been using legit copies of Windows XP, Vista, and now Windows 7 for the past years and my conscience finally caught up and I decided to go legit on all my software including games. I’ve found that my system runs better and I get peace of mind knowing I get all the updates.Well let’s start with games. I must admit that my desktop gaming (and even console gaming, I have a PS3) have declined in recent years I’ve been doing most my gaming on my iPhone actually. However there are some games that you can’t get on the mobile platform. I bought a ton of classic LucasArts titles from steam ( I also bought StarCraft2 from Blizzard ( direct. So far those are the games I have on my system. Most companies sell digital copies and of course you can buy physical media as well. Enough playing around let’s get on to the productivity and utilitie…

HTC London Event 15-Sep-2010

HTC just wrapped their event in London. So what did the Taiwanese based smartphone maker show this time?For starters they showed off the way way way more powerful HTC Sense. The custom UI they lay on top of Android (and WindowsMobile not WindowsPhone7)Things that grabbed my attention: Maps caching (no more waiting to download maps as you navigate... might save on data cost if you do it before your trip over wifi)Phone LocatorRemote WipeWeb Access to your phoneTwo new Android devices (a shame there were no WindowsPhone7 devices)HTC Desire Zspecs: Desire HDspecs: like HTC wants to differentiate itself even more from the multitudes of Android devices out there by improving HTC sense. I think HTC sense is the best overlay or skin for Android at the moment, by add…

Ringtones // Driftoff v1 HQ

Tritonal - Driftoff v1 HQ - m4r // mp3
A very uplifting trancer from Tritonal... enjoy!