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Tips & Tricks|Deleting Multiple Files Using A Batch File

I noticed that iTunes was creating and dumping *.tmp (temp files) in my iTunes Media Folder and that it was eating up my storage space. Here is a quick and easy way to get rid of these storage munching files.Create a new Text Document and give it a memorable nameCopy the code bellow and paste it to your Text Documentcd\
cd C:\Users\<UserAccountName>\Music\iTunes
del /Q *.tmp
echo Deleting Files
echo File Deleted
exitNB <UserAccountName> change this to your user account name. Save the file Rename it and change the file extension from .txt to .batClick on the file to execute the command HTH

See the Sun // As You Fall

I have these tracks on repeat at the moment so I figured some ringtones were in order. iPhone versions available natch.Matt Darey pts Urban Astronauts ft. Kate Louise Smith - See The Sun (Aurosonic Mix) – M4R // MP3Bent - As You Fall (Guy J Remix) – M4R // MP3

Good Bye SMART // Hello Globe

Last Saturday I went to the SMART Wireless Center in Greenhills and surrendered my SIM card & had my account closed. I’ve been with SMART for about 4 years. My troubles with SMART started when they implemented International Roaming Deposit. Aside from the inconvenience and stress that happened when they retroactively implemented this policy. I also felt that it was unfair, and discriminatory to their customers. I gave SMART multiple chances to rectify the situation but they have failed miserably. Emails, calls, tweets and appearances to their wireless centers have gotten nothing for the consumer. My dissatisfaction with SMART increased some more when they started offering unlimited data to pre-paid users but not post paid subscribers. This was the straw that broke the camel’s back and so I have decided to vote with my wallet and end my relationship with SMART. SMART still has the best network in my use but I cannot stay with a network that treats their post paid customers so unfai…

Tips & Tricks|Moving iTunes Library to a New PC

The most painless way I have tried so far. There are two (2) parts to your iTunes Files & Library, files are self explanatory and the library will include your playcounts, playlists etc etc. If you sync your iPhone or iPod you need to move your entire library so that you won’t have to make a new partnership.Here’s what you need: iTunes USB HDD Patience Step 1: Copy your files to Ext HDD Plug-in the USB HDD to source PC Start iTunes Edit > Preferences > Advanced (tab)Point it to your USB HDD click ok File > Library > Organize Library… Consolidate LibraryiTunes will now copy the files over to your HDD Exit iTunes Step 2: Move your Library to Ext HDD Start > Run… type in the library location Copy the files to your Ext HDD Eject your HDD ========================================== Step 3: Move files to new PC Hold Shift key and click on iTunes you will see this menu. Select Choose Library and point it to the ITL files in your Ext HDDiTunes should start up will all y…

Review|ACER Aspire 4740G-332G

So I finally caved and got a new notebook. This time I have decided to go with a full notebook instead of a netbook. Basically I needed more horse power than what the crippled ATOM systems were offering. The ACER Aspire 4740G has these specs.14” 16:9 HD LED LCD ScreenIntel Core i3 2.13Ghz2Gb DDR3 RAMNvidia GeForce 310M 512Mb VRAM320Gb HDDWiFi / BT / Webcam / Card readerDVD-RW HDMI + VGA output Linux OSComing from using a netbook for a little over 2 years I certainly felt the difference in the screen size, the weight and of course the keyboard.I did not bother with the Linux OS since I had just purchased Windows 7 Home Premium retail box a few weeks ago. I decided to install the 64bit version so I could take advantage of better security, 64bit apps (if ever) and of course more system RAM (4Gb max). Not the most accurate gauge of system performance but this is the Windows Experience Index Report as always it’s the Aero performance that brings the score down. Still getting used to the sl…

Windows Phone 7 Series is Official…

Feb 15, 2010 Barcelona, Spain – Microsoft Introduces it’s latest generation of mobile OS. It’s now called Windows Phone 7 series (and yes it is a mouthful). I watched the keynote and was surprised on what they have announced. WP7 looks and will probably be very very different from previous versions of Windows Mobile. As an old time WinMob user and fanboi I have a feeling of melancholy with this coming version (Microsoft says devices should ship by end of 2010). Looking back at this: Unsolicited Advice to Microsoft & the WM7 Team blog post. It seems that Microsoft was able to address some of my concerns but then again much much more have been raised. #1 scrap standard concentrate on professional. //It is unclear at this time if there will be only one version of WindowsPhone7 series but so far it looks like they will only have a touch version.#2 be strict with hardware requirements. //I applaud Microsoft for taking more control over this now we shall see how the OEMs will comply/res…

So I Wrecked My Netbook… FML!

In a fit of clumsyness (?) I jammed my hand with the car door in the morning and in the evening I somehow managed to slip and do an elbow drop and shove move to wreck both hinges of my Wind and to put a dent in the chasis. With my weight I was also able to break the battery lock.  It still turns on but now I cannot move it in use because the battery will drop out. Some of the keys are also tough to press. I still haven't brought it to the shop but I suspect it would be better to get a new system rather than having it repaired. Stupidity and butter fingers aren't covered with warranty. This definitely craps on my tech roadmap and what little budget I have stashed for gadgets … Come to think of it this netbook is not even 6 months old! I could hunker down and add a usb keyboard (I am pretty sure I have one at home) to get over the keyboard issues but honestly once you know there is a dent, ding, scratch or issue with your device you never look at it the same way. I am still unde…