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Good Bye SMART // Hello Globe

Last Saturday I went to the SMART Wireless Center in Greenhills and surrendered my SIM card & had my account closed. I’ve been with SMART for about 4 years.

My troubles with SMART started when they implemented International Roaming Deposit. Aside from the inconvenience and stress that happened when they retroactively implemented this policy. I also felt that it was unfair, and discriminatory to their customers. I gave SMART multiple chances to rectify the situation but they have failed miserably. Emails, calls, tweets and appearances to their wireless centers have gotten nothing for the consumer.

My dissatisfaction with SMART increased some more when they started offering unlimited data to pre-paid users but not post paid subscribers. This was the straw that broke the camel’s back and so I have decided to vote with my wallet and end my relationship with SMART.

SMART still has the best network in my use but I cannot stay with a network that treats their post paid customers so unfairly.

I have signed up with Globe again (12 month SIM only contract) and am continuing my Sun subscription


  1. aww.. sayang naman yung postpaid mo sa smart.. malay mo dumating din yung unlimited data plan for Smart Gold gaya ng pagdating ng Smartalk at unlitext. Yun nga lang eh yung unlitext is for Smart Gold Lite lang.. tsk tsk..

    sana nababasa ng Smart to para kahit papano eh mabago nila yung sistema sa Smart Gold. Smart Gold din kasi ako at loyal na subscriber ng Smart hehehe

  2. SMART is well aware of the situation. I have been constantly following up my issues via email and all I get are canned responses in the more than 6 months I gave them.

    I don't think they will change unless a lot of people complain or a senator complains :P

  3. I also end up my subscription (Smart Gold user since 2004) to them last week bec of the same Int'l Roaming issue.

    And I settle with a Globe prepaid card and a Sun Postpaid.

  4. @Jose that's unfortunate. I guess that's why we need to vote with our wallets.

  5. A Smart Gold Lite subscriber here and I definitely and totally agree with this post. We, the ones who pay monthly bills that averages 1200, are not the ones who are blessed with unlimited and no-deposit international roaming services and the ones being discriminated and damned by Smart.

    The prepaid subscribers should be the one to be discriminated. These prepaid subscribers are the ones who keep on changing cellphone numbers and are maybe the ones who are behind all those bombings because the government cannot track them and so does the networks because the networks don't keep records of who their subscribers are!

    Ang unfair!!! I am thinking of cutting my Smart Gold Lite account also because ang mahal ng call to other networks. Di man lang gumaya ang Smart sa Globe at Sun na inabsorb ang 2% na added value added tax.

    Ang sakim ng PLDT at Smart!!! MAGSAMA KAYONG DALAWANG NETWORK!!!

    Because of them, I missed all the important messages from my friends and relatives.


    How dare them!!! Ang sasama nila!!! Kung sino ka man na leader ng postpaid group ng Smart, sana mabasa mo ang mga hinanaing namin. Pinapahirapan mo ang buhay naming mga postpaid subscribers.

  6. Thanks for commenting invincibility. Good to know that consumers are waking up to SMART's biased & poor treatment of postpaid subscribers.


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