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Hello kiddies… I am back with an update re: MY LETTER TO SMART TELECOM’S PRESIDENT … so after close to seven (7) months all I got was 2 or 3 emails thanking me for my email and telling me they will tell the concerned group. So in 7 months they have done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about my complaint. I got my IRD waived and you should get yours waived too!

As a service to you my readers here is the issue in a nutshell:

If your plan is bellow 1500, SMART will charge you PhP 2,500.00 as INTERNATIONAL ROAMING DEPOSIT (IRD) this amount WILL NOT be credited to your ACCOUNT until you TERMINATE the roaming service.

Ex. If you are plan 500 and you turn on roaming forever. your 2500 is with them forever. If you are plan 1500 roaming is on. If you are on pre-paid you are not charge an IRD.

Here is why I think this should be abolished.

  1. This is NOT NECESSARY. SMART already has a credit limit to protect their company. Why ask for an additional deposit?
  2. This is DISCRIMINATORY against lower tiered plans. SMART implemented this not on everyone but on lower plans only!

Here are some more questions.

  1. What about the interest earned per deposit per subscriber per day? Where does that money go?

What can we do?

  1. Call *888 or +63(02) 888-1111
  2. Email
  3. Go to a Wireless Center to complain in person
  4. Complain on twitter.

I have sent another email last week and am waiting for my 4th “thank-you- for-your-email-and-we-will-elevate-this-matter” canned response (I try to send an email once a month but sometimes I am too busy). I also went to a SMART Wireless center to complain in person and got the same response. I fear that if we don’t do anything we will soon see this on other networks as well.


be polite. tell them why you think IRD is wrong and why it should be abolished.


  1. I kinda gave up understanding how come roaming charges are billed outside of your post paid plan. When you are using a phone on an Infinity plan, that is not good news (well at least for me). But then I realized, that is just how it is - regardless of telco.

  2. with IRD you are not even using any roaming minutes yet.

    they are just getting money from you just to turn on roaming and only if your plan is bellow 1500.

    clearly NOT NEEDED and clearly DISCRIMINATION.

  3. No. 5 on "what can we do": write to Senator Enrile.

  4. Enrile can be bought. We the consumers cannot.

    Honestly the only reason I have not ended my relationship with SMART (I am out of contract because I did not get a phone) is if I am not a customer already then I cannot complain.


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