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I am commissioning a TURDUCKEN (Turkey + Duck + Chicken)… A multi-bird roast. Basically it’s a small bird (chicken) stuffed in a medium (duck) bird stuffed in a bigger (turkey) bird. I don’t have the cooking prowess to make one myself so I have sent out email to my friends. Fortunately some have already pledge their iron chef ability or support for this poultry rich endeavor. Aside from more cooks and chefs I need to find a proper turducken recipe. So if you want to join this project or have a turducken recipe that you think we should try get in touch shoot me a tweet, DM, or Email. I’ve also made a googlewave for this project I think this is the 1st real use for wave in my life at least.

There’s A Vaccine For That…

Now that people are properly scared of the swine flu and of course cervical cancer. Big pharma is now set to bring out vaccines for all sorts of shit including: smoking, obesity, other forms of cancer. THE CERVICAL CANCER VACCINE SUPPOSEDLY PROTECTS AGAINST 4 OUT OF 7 TYPES OF HPV BUT IT IS UNCLEAR IF A) THE PROTECTION IS LONG TERM B) THERE ARE ANY LONG TERM SIDE EFFECTS.Getting regular checkups is better than getting an unproven fast tracked vaccine. This is not proper prevention and protection. I have been seeing billboards and tv adverts about the cervical cancer vaccine and I think it is irresponsible for celebs to promote this.VACCINES ARE BEING MADE OUT TO BE THE END ALL AND BE ALL OF HEALTH CARE. GET A VACCINE SO YOU DON’T NEED TO SEE A DOCTOR OR BE CAREFUL ABOUT YOUR LIFESTYLE? I THINK THIS IS TOTAL BS.What I don’t want to see is making vaccination mandatory.

SUN Slow Down…

It seems that my 3G speeds with Sun’s Call & Surf Unlimited have begun to crawl significantly. During the 1st week I was getting 1Mb to 800Kb per sec. right now I am getting 80 to 100Kb, still usable but it is really really slow. I theorize (yes that was a nod to Fringe’s Walter) that it might be a case of more people getting on their network because they do offer the cheapest mobile broadband service as of this blog post.As with any cellular service YMMV. Well the sad thing about this is that I have a little over 11 months with this contract. I do hope service improves over time.

WindowsMobile Marketplace

If you’re are still using WindowsMobile 6.1 (or even 6.0) you’ll be happy to know that WindowsMobile Marketplace is now available for download and use.Head over to on your device to get the cab file.You need a Windows Live ID to use the store.Gotchas: Apps from the store are installed to main memory. While it’s nice that 6.0 and 6.1 users will be able to get and use the store. It really makes no sense to me why it seems to be restricted to the US. I cannot add a credit card meaning I cannot buy any apps. I hope Microsoft fixes this in the near future. Hey you are supposed to be a global company! Open up the marketplace!While this is a step in the right direction this definitely needs more work.

Beancurd (my digital dog)

Tried playing ngmoco’s TouchPet Dogs (it’s a Nintendogs clone me thinks)… here is Beancurd, it’s supposed to be a German Shepherd :P

Loren is a Loser

Saw this on my Facebook feed & it's regarding Legarda running as
Villar's running mate. I think this sums up how I feel about the
"unusual" tandem pretty acurately."Loren anti erap nung impeachment pero runningmate ni FPJ, anti villar
last year pero ngayon running mate nya ang labo di ba? Kalikasan mo
muka mo plastik!" -@zalveenSince Villar's campaign HQ is beside our home I suspect I will be
hearing this harpy's voice soon enough. Bleh!Loren is a loser in the ethics department. I hope she is a loser in
the polls as well.

Is the Treo Dead?

There was a time not so long ago that when you said Treo it meant a smartphone and when you said smartphone it meant a Treo. Well those days are no more palm seems to have killed the brand already.

I like my Treo Pro it doesn't have the best specs but it is no slouch either. Also I love the qwerty bar form factor. This is actually my 2nd Treo I had owned the Treo 750 before. This year palm went live with their new operating system called WebOS with it their flagship device name Pre and now they have the Pixi. Both devices have yet to reach Asia though.

With the release of their new OS and new devices palm has said that it will not make windowsmobile devices anymore.

The Treo Pro is not getting WM6.5 nor has the GSM version received any rom updates. I think they have EOL'd it prematurely it would have been nice to atleast get 1 ROM update. Somehow this saddens me the Treo was a pretty strong brand but I guess I can understand why palm is dropping it (for now atleast) from their…

Unsolicited Advice to Microsoft & the WM7 Team

I have been using WindowsMobile since 2001 back then it was called pocketpc. WindowsMobile is one of the most versatile and powerful OS out there but it always gets a bad rep in the consumer's mind. TBH it does have a higher learning curve and most people get lost using the OS but once you master it, it is a joy to use.

I think Microsoft dropped the ball on this one. To me they never took the mobile market that they were leading in seriously. When palmOS went away to die WM became the premier smartphone OS but Microsoft got cocky and now that other modern mobile OS are in play they have become a less and less popular platform. WM is very dated. It needs a refresh. They need to make it approriate for today's smartphone market. Here's some unsolicited advice from a WM fanboi.

#1 scrap standard concentrate on professional. You don't need two flavors of the same OS.

#2 be strict with hardware requirements. We do not need underpowered devices that will mess up WM's alre…

Unlimited Data, I like I like!

If you follow my blog or twitter (shameless plug FTW!), you know that I have recently got an unlimited data plan for my 3GS. As always I have taken the SIM only approach and managed to get the lockout period reduced to 1 year instead of the standard 2 years that most Philippine operators stick to. I got Call & Surf Unlimited from Sun Cellular. Which is 999/month Unlimited data, unlimited calls & SMS sun-to-sun. Pretty good deal especially if you are a city dweller and have a lot of contacts who use Sun. The upside of having an unlimited data plan is I get to be connected all the time and anywhere (reception and coverage permitting, YMMV). In the case of Sun, it’s Metro Manila and major cities. The rep says you drop down to an 2G (read: GPRS) speed when their 3G is not available. I have not had the opportunity to road test this outside Metro Manila yet.Another notch in the positive side is the peace of mind of not having to worry on how long I am connected or how much data I ha…

Christmas Wishlist

Christmas is right around the corner and if Santa subscribes to my blog this short list will help him decide what to give me. :PDarth Vader Force FX Lightsaber Windows 7 Home Premium Star Wars Clone Wars Season 1 DVD or Blu-ray Box set Sony PlayStation 3 Slim Ultimate Vader Coffee Table Book (already ordered this and it’s already shipping) HTC Touch Pro 2 (or HTC HD2)STAR WARS x LEGO Death Star STAR WARS x Ecko Boba Fett Hoodie or Storm Trooper. Cash (PhP or USD accepted) And of course WORLD PEACE (no christmas wishlist is complete without it!)

Sana totoo

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Tethering with iPhone OS 3.1.2 & blackra1n

I find it silly that a factory unlocked iPhone from Apple can’t do tethering if it is used with a non-partner SIM card and that we have to resort to jailbreaking to get features that should be enabled anyway. While I was browsing tweets I saw that tethering has been fixed with AT&T using geohot’s blackra1n jailbreak system. Since I just got a plan with unlimited data tethering was very very very interesting for me. The original instructions are here I got my mobileconfig file elsewhere because the Philippines and Sun Cellular are both not in the link provided.Device:iPhone 3GS (vanilla) OS 3.1.2System: Windows 7 Ultimate RC1 Build 7100Operator:Sun Cellular (APN: fbband)On your PC, Go to: and download the exe fileWith your device connected shutdown iTunes (important)Click on the fileWait for the device to reboot and you are done  with the jailbreakReset Network Settings Open blackra1n on the iPhone tap sn0w and wait for the process to be done.Go to http://www.…