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Reserved: Globe iPhone 3GS 16Gb

I do not know if my fever is affecting my decision making centers. I just got off the phone with Globe customer service and have expressed my interest in getting a: Black 16Gb iPhone 3GS.

I am looking to get the device with a G-Flex 800 plan for 24 months and shelling out 25,350.00 PhP for the unit itself.

They will get back to me within 3 days to finalize my reservation. Estimated ship date is July 31, 2009

If this goes according to plan I will probably ditch my SMART plan and go back to Globe (shudder) because I will be tied down to a 2 year plan.

I will definitely keep my palm Treo Pro (Windows Mobile) with my SUN Cellular plan to do all the things the iPhone cannot do yet.

My HTC Touch3G and HTC S730 can rest in my drawer if I am not able to sell those. I think 2 devices is my limit, I tried carrying 3 before and it is just too much of a hassle.

If I am not pleased with the 3GS I am setting my sights on an Android device next.

Suffice to say I have taken my 1st steps towards the darkside (Apple Wall Garden)


  1. Muwahahahahaha! Welcome to the dark side! >:->

    I also still use my Treo Pro, but only for pim stuff. The iPhone still doesn't do categories the way I want them. Ed Hansberry is my pusher.

  2. and I heard that the iPhone 3Gs is really a nice phone. I couldn’t think of a better upgrade. It’s faster and more powerful than the earlier iPhone. I might as well get the prepaid plan of Globe, which is only Php38,850 for 16GB.

  3. @ramil: i went ahead and bought an unlocked one in HKG. a bit more expensive but it's not SIM locked.

  4. I just got my Iphone 3GS 32GB! I’m sooo happy! looks like early christmas for me this year! :D now its time to upgrade my plan to a DUO para naman sulit ang new phone ko sa akin :)

  5. @g-man i decided to get an unlocked 16Gb in HKG. I am using it with SUN cellular & I just upgraded my plan with unlimited data :) after 10 years with globe i have given up on them. I still have a globe visibility pre-paid modem just in case sun or smart fails at the same time for some reason.


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