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Review // Godzilla 2014 [SPOILER ALERT]

[ Godzilla (2014) ] -- it is good to see the King of Monsters that looks like the man in a rubber suit version we all grew up with. Fat with short arms but HUGE, not thin like an iguana [Godzilla (1998)].


I think this film suffers from the same problem with the Michael Bay transformer movies. 


I went to see a monster movie and instead we got an American soldier trying to get back to his family meanwhile there were rampaging Kaiju and they went the same direction. 

They changed his origin story instead of being born of nuclear experimentation this time he is an ancient radiation eating animal. In the 1940s they nuke him and I guess the shock waves drove him into hiding and he reemerges in current day because another nuclear eating Kaiju which happened to destroy a nuclear Powerplant is out on the loose and Godzilla being an alpha predator has to hunt both motu. 

They say that all three Kaiju feed on radiation why then do they keep using nukes? aren't they just giving Kaiju easier access to the nukes, and feeding them? 

We are lead to believe he is going after to hunt and eat, then doesn't eat them and goes after the next monster. 

Also after getting knocked out for a night when he awakens why is he going off to sea again and not staying to wreck havoc in the city.

I like the way Godzilla killed the MOTU, excellent monster kill. 

Anyway I hope in the next Godzilla movie they have less human drama BS. More monsters and definitely more monster fights (less dust clouds and closing doors that cover the fights too). 


  1. Nagulat ako na Bryan Cranston died kaagad! And hindi ko rin nagets fully what really happened. Ang comment ko lang is that Godzilla has a small head! Hehehe.. Sana sinali nalang sa Pacific Rim si Godzilla! Hahaha...

    Super stupid kaya yung gamit ng gamit ng nuke - EH YUN NGA ANG energy/food source nila eh!!! EngotS? Hehehe..

    Mostly TV people yung cast, I think... Hehehe...

  2. That was very weird they wasted the setup of Cranston's character and killed him in the first part of the film


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