12 September 2013

Apple iPhone Event 2013

The iPhone 5 is no more, it will be replaced with the iPhone 5C (C is for color not cheap!) It will come in 2 capacities (16, 32Gb) and 5 colors (green, white, blue, pink, yellow)


Basically they made a poly-carbonate (plastic) backed iPhone 5 with more color choices, complete with over priced silicone cases. More info in the iPhone 5C

If you own an iPhone 5 you may skip the iPhone 5C.

Apple’s new flagship iPhone is the iPhone 5S.

They are coming out in 3 capacities (16, 32, 64Gb) and 3 colors (Space Gray, Silver, Gold) these are the high-end iPhones and will have that glass and metal finish.

The iPhone 5S will be running 64-bit operating system. They are saying it will perform better. They are selling over-priced leather case for this higher end device.


As usual they made a big deal about the camera features.


They also made a big deal about Touch ID, it’s fingerprint scanner which should improve security. I think I am most intrigued by this feature. Security made simple is always a good thing.


The iPhone 5S is Apple’s newest flagship device. More info on the iPhone 5S

I was quite surprised that Apple will continue to produce the iPhone 4S, this will become the free carrier phone, I would’ve thought they would phase this out to get rid of the legacy 30 pin dock connector. Maybe they still have tons of 3.5in displays?


When we look at their carrier subsidized pricing it is on par with most smartphones. However as I look at the unlocked pricing for these devices it is clear that Apple still puts a premium on their hardware. So if they are not selling their devices at a lower price they must be producing them cheaper (read: plastic backed iPhone 5C).

Apple has the hardware, eco-system, the marketing dollars, and the brand equity to make these devices a success. The question is how much of a success will it be versus the relentless influx of Android devices from their competitors.

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