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Good-bye S310... Hello Treo 750v

Sold my HTC S310 yesterday and got a Treo 750v. I would like to geek out and do a review but I've to go on a business trip tomorrow. So I just loaded it up with my usual apps, surprisingly most my apps work on the 240 x 240 pixel screen albeit with some scrolling. Hopefully I get some free time and get to finish my review soon. Anyway I have to go and pack for my trip... catch you guys next time...


  1. Treo ka na??? Welcome to the dark side! :-) How much is the 750?

    ... next up for you is the iPhone I bet!

  2. I got it expensive e. 37K PhP. I'll pass on the iPhone maybe I will play with it when everyone has it already but I won't get one hehehe

  3. how do you like the treo so far? just got stereo bluetooth headphones as a gift and it works great with my 650. sarap na no-wires. I did have to buy Softick Audio Gateway to get it working, but its amazing what you can do with an old smartphone.

  4. So far so good I'm loving the fact that I don't have to slide the keyboard out to use it. I did encounter an issue with my high capacity miniSD card [fried a 2Gb Kingston card] I am unsure ATM if it's device or peripheral related though. Will have the card exchanged and see. Yeah A2DP is really convenient, most new WM phones have this feature enabled OOTB.


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