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Apple is charging more if you get Netflix thru iTunes. BAD APPLE.

I noticed something as I was fixing my mom's Netflix subscription. She had recently done the 1-month free trial using her iPhone. Meaning her subscription would be coursed thru Apple iTunes or AppStore.
Netflix Philippines pricing direct from their website. 370Php, 460Php, 550Php
Since I already pay for Netflix, I was surprised that the prices were not the same! Apple charges extra on top of Netflix's fees. BAD APPLE.
If you subscribe via Apple, you pay 19Php, 29Php, 39Php extra on top of Netflix's monthly fee.
I canceled her trial subscription using iTunes prior to the end of the trial date and then went to to restart her trial direct with the streaming service.

For most people, it would be more convenient to subscribe via Apple but I don't believe we should pay more if we can get it for less.

Here is Netflix's help page on canceling iTunes billing:
How do I cancel iTunes billing for Netflix? 


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