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Tips & Tricks // Securing your iOS Device

In the age of smartphones we have more and more data on our devices, with this in mind it is best to equip yourself with the knowledge on how to secure your device. Here are a couple of tips to help you.

On your PC/Mac go to


Apple ID is central to your device security a strong password is ESSENTIAL. Something alphanumeric with capitalization. Do not make this common dictionary words. I also suggest changing passwords every 6 months. Manage your rescue email and challenge questions. Don’t give these out, keep them safe.

On your iOS device.

1. Settings > General > Passcode Lock - Enable passcode lock, this is the first deterrent to unwanted access to your device and the data you have on your phone. 


2. Settings > iCloud - Enable iCloud’s Find my iPhone, (or other iDevice), with you can find your device, make it emit an audible sound, go to “lost mode” and worse comes to worst delete it remotely. NB be sure to have data and location services enabled on your device. iCloud uses data to communicate with your device and location services is more accurate when it uses data or wifi to triangulate.


3. Enable Restrictions disallow changes to Location Services and Accounts – do not forget your restrictions password this should not be the same as your device passcode. With this step even if they gain access to your device they cannot turn off iCloud and Location Service (including Find my phone).


Backups, I do manual backups via iTunes and automated backups with iCloud. I also grab my iCloud contacts and manually back them up periodically.

Hopefully these tips will be helpful in keeping your iOS device secure.


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