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Alternatives to Apple Maps

I’ve been bemoaning the total crap that has become of Maps on iOS6 ever since the first beta. As we wait for Apple to fix their maps let’s explore some alternatives… all these are FREE but require an internet connection. Don’t complain, a smartphone isn’t smart without a data plan.1. WAZE – thanks to @byronini for this tip. It’s free, has turn-by-turn voice navigation, traffic, and a lot more features. Download this now. 2. Google Maps Web App. Go to on Mobile Safari and add to Home Screen for quick access. A far cry from the neutered Google Maps pre-iOS6 but still useful if only for the POI search. NB: Google is rumored to be working on a native Google Maps application for iOS (ala YouTube)3. Nokia Maps Web App – remember Nokia? Yeah those guys actually saw the writing on the mobile wall and have been steadily improving their location stuff over the years. Adding the web app won’t hurt. Their web-app also offers saving sections of maps. on Mobile Safari…

Mobile Road-map for 2013

In a couple of weeks we would go into 4th Quarter 2012. So it's time to think about your device road-map for 2013. 
I have analyzed my use case and I mostly use Google services like GMail, Calendar, YouTube, Maps the only thing I leave on iCloud is Contacts and Notes. So for PIM (personal info management) it would be a minor issue to move over to an Android device. A big plus would be getting Google Maps back since Apple has decided to discard it and YouTube in iOS6. Gmail, Calendar, Maps, YouTube all are free and all are great! Good job Google. 
However when I look at applications, games, media (basically entertainment) it is clear that I am trapped in the iTunes ecosystem. I have spent a lot on the AppStore and I do not think it would be possible to make a clean break with it any time soon. Good job Apple. 
I have always been pro-convergence. One device preferably pocket-able for communications, work, and play. However the escalating platform war between Apple and Google has ha…

Setup iCloud Email on Android Device (or other device)

Here’s how to setup iCloud Email on an Android or other device… Start the Email Client and enter your credentialsusername = youricloudemail@me.compassword = yourpasswordNext!Incoming Mail Settingsserver = = 993security type = SSLimap path prefix = blankNext!Outgoing Mail Settingsserver = = 587security = TLSrequire sign-in = check, and enter your iCloud credentials again.NextRename the account and add a display name.There you have it iCloud email on your Android (or other device). I hope this helps.

Kindle / Audible WhisperSync for Voice

WhisperSync for Voice has been greenlit and I have been taken it for a spin this evening. It works really well! Good job Amazon. In a nutshell it makes switching between reading an ebook and listening to an audiobook really easy.

Bram Stroker’s Dracula on Kindle for iPhone

Dracula Audibook on Audible for Android.

I’m a huge fan of Kindle ebooks and Audible audiobooks. Now I enjoy them even more!
Tip: Here are some free ebooks and audiobooks from Amazon! Grab them while they are available!

Sync iCloud Contacts to Android Device Using CardDAV

This short tutorial shows how to sync iCloud contacts to your Android device. you will need an app to do this. It's called CardDAV-Sync free beta

I chose to go 1 way sync with my iPhone being the primary device.