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Mobile Road-map for 2013

In a couple of weeks we would go into 4th Quarter 2012. So it's time to think about your device road-map for 2013. 

I have analyzed my use case and I mostly use Google services like GMail, Calendar, YouTube, Maps the only thing I leave on iCloud is Contacts and Notes. So for PIM (personal info management) it would be a minor issue to move over to an Android device. A big plus would be getting Google Maps back since Apple has decided to discard it and YouTube in iOS6. Gmail, Calendar, Maps, YouTube all are free and all are great! Good job Google. 

However when I look at applications, games, media (basically entertainment) it is clear that I am trapped in the iTunes ecosystem. I have spent a lot on the AppStore and I do not think it would be possible to make a clean break with it any time soon. Good job Apple. 

I have always been pro-convergence. One device preferably pocket-able for communications, work, and play. However the escalating platform war between Apple and Google has had some collateral damage. Mainly the aforementioned Google Maps which is as of this writing leaps and bounds better than Apple's Maps. I think it will stay that way for the foreseeable future especially for a 3rd world country like the Philippines. I have been using iOS6 since beta 1 and Apple Maps was so bad that I decided to buy a cheap Samsung Android phone just to get Google Maps back. So at this moment I am already breaking away from the convergent paradigm that I have been sticking too for the past years. 

So what are my options?
  1. Retain the iPhone 4S and Samsung GT-S5300 combo for one (1) more year. 
  2. Upgrade to iPhone 5 and wait for Apple Maps to catch up to Google Maps (Maps are a big deal for me) 
  3. Get the next Google Nexus phone and purchase an iPod Touch or iPad so I get the best of both platforms.
Things I am on the lookout for...
  1. Google Nexus Phone = ETA Oct 2012
  2. iPad 4th Gen = ETA Jan 2013
  3. iPad Mini =  ETA Oct 2012 (rumored) 
What's your mobile plan or road-map for 2013? 


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